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Dandy Drive Quilt Along- Week 3

It’s Week 3 of the Dandy Drive Sew Along- how are you doing? Remember you can get the free patterns here. And we have

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve made our flower centers and added the petals:

Now it’s time to make our stems and leaves! Doesn’t that black background look great? (It is Moda Essential Dots.) Here’s the stem and leaf block: (more…)

In the studio this week…

This is one of my favorite times of the year… the sun is coming up earlier… and I’m awakened to the commotion of birds chirping chirping chirping away outside the window… they each seem to be clamoring to be the loudest in the tree… it’s as if they can’t wait for their day to start! Sometimes they are so impatient that they start chirping even before the sun comes up.

I’ve been working on some painting, just a little at a time… just trying to grab 10 or 20 minutes here or there. You can see that the warm spring weather has inspired me to paint some pretty butterflies- pretty soon, we will have the real things in our gardens:


I’ve been working on the 2017 Block of the Month! The applique is all done, and I’ve been putting the blocks together. Soon, we will be cutting and folding the fabric for kits. I still need a name for this BOM, though! Club members got a sneak peek a few months ago… look for an announcement in the next month or so. The first block pattern will go out in August!


Dandy Drive Quilt Along- Week 2

It’s week 2 of the Dandy Drive Quilt Along! If you haven’t started yet, never fear! Just  hop over here to the blog of Sarah J Maxwell for the instructions. And yes, there’s another GIVEAWAY, so read on….

This week, we are going to add the petals to our flowers. Last week, I showed you my flower center.

Here is the completed flower:

Here are a couple of tips for making this block: (more…)

UFO Challenge Winners!!!

Last month, I shared some UFO tips with you….

And then I announced my UFO Challenge! We got some great entries, and today I am announcing the winners! (more…)

Dandy Drive Quilt Along- Week 1

It’s time to start the Dandy Drive Quilt Along! Yippee!! This is week 1- soooo, if you need to grab the fabric requirements and instructions, just hop over here to Sarah’s blog (Sarah is the one who designed this super- cute pattern!!) I spend most of my sewing time working on my own patterns, designing and testing them. So it’s really nice when I can just follow someone else’s instructions and enjoy the sewing part :) My pal Pat Sloan will also be co-hosting this event! Read on to find out how you can win a fabric kit!

For this pattern, Sarah will instruct you to make several flower blocks and several butterfly blocks. However, I’m doing my own thing– ’cause I’m a rebel and generally not good with going with the crowd, LOL!!! I will be making just 1 flower block, and 2 butterfly blocks. Then, I’m going to use lots of horizontal borders to make a lap sized quilt. (more…)

21 Free Sewing Patterns for Easter & Spring

Who doesn’t love Spring? More sunlight, more warmth, and the promise of new beginnings… not to mention all the cute bunny stuff you can make and decorate with! Here are 21 a-dorable projects to stitch up for Spring and Easter. Enjoy!!

Wee Brown Bunny Treat Bags


A Basket of Bunnies  (more…)

The Dandy Drive Sew Along is coming…

Hello, Friends! Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be participating in the Dandy Drive Sew Along, hosted by Pat Sloan and Sarah J. Maxwell, and I hope you’ll join us! This will be a free sew along with free pattern. The quilt consists of simple piecing and it’s just perfect for spring and summer! Here is a preview of what it will look like using different fabrics (the finished size of the quilt will be 75 x 90″):

These are the fabrics that I chose- I almost always (like, 99.9% of the time) use light colored backgrounds in my quilts. But I was looking at my pretty pastel fabrics, and I thought they’d really “pop” against a black background, so I chose this little black dot print (Moda Essential Dots) to use. I think it’s going to be very pretty:


Flower Show Inspiration- Tulips and Bicycles!!

Are you ready for some colorful inspiration? Last week, we went to the world famous Philadelphia Flower Show. We try to go every year, there is always so much to look at, and of course, it’s a nice little preview to Spring! I was especially excited to go this year because the theme this year was Holland, and we actually traveled to the Netherlands last April and loved it (check out the photos from that trip here).

Holland is the country of bicycles- we were amazed at the number of bikes we saw while we were there, seems there are 2 bicycles for every person!! So of course, bicycles were well represented at the Flower Show.


In the studio this week…

Folks, a mere 5 days ago, it was 66 degrees and sunny. Today, I sit writing this from my husband’s office because we are in the midst of an ice storm that took out the power at our house…. lots and lots of outages being reported, so who knows when our power will be restored. We may be camping here at his office tonight!! But Alfie is staying warm and snug, we brought his bed and favorite blanket and he is kind of oblivious to the fact that there is anything unusual going on.

I’ve been working a lot over the last few weeks, but a couple of day trips proved to be quite inspirational!

My oldest daughter starts her new job tomorrow, as she has been helping me in my office in the meantime. One day last week, I said, “Let’s play hooky!” I really felt like I needed to get out, and she was willing! So we headed out to one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie. Soooo much to look at and drool over there!

I have a lot of mugs and dishes from Anthropologie, I’m a bit of a hoarder collector. Although we really can’t. fit. one. more. mug. into the cabinet… I had to have another. If faced with this selection, wouldn’t you???


Announcing Our UFO Challenge!

Today I’m announcing my UFO Challenge! Have you been following along with my posts about how to sort, prioritize, and get those UFO’s (UnFinished Objects & Projects) done?? No? Well, check out the two blog posts below, which are FULL of helpful tips!

To add a little more motivation for you, I am hosting a UFO Challenge! This is a chance to get a project or two done, and enter to win a FANTASTIC prize! Three lucky folks will win a FREE 2 MONTH MEMBERSHIP to The Art of Home Club.

What is The Art of Home Club? It is a monthly membership where you get Club Exclusive patterns, video tutorials, printables and all kinds of fun stuff that you won’t find anywhere else! Here are some examples of the kinds of goodies that are only available through The Art of Home Club: