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Free Summer Rose Embroidery Pattern

Do you have any special memories associated with roses? They are probably the world’s most popular flower! For me, they always take me back to my grandmother’s garden, I can still smell the fragrance and hear the bees buzzing! You can reduce or enlarge this to any size you want for any project- it would be great on any type of home decor or kitchen item, such as a wall hanging, pot holder, dish towel, etc. It will give a pretty vintage look to napkins and table cloths, too. (Hand embroidery pattern only, this pattern not available for machine embroidery.) You could also use it for coloring and make note cards, etc.


Free Coloring Sheet- Save the Bees Home Quilt

Remember in my last post, I showed you all kinds of ideas for fabrics for the Save the Bees Free Block of the Month? Well, now it’s your turn! Here is something fun for you to do while you are “patiently” waiting for the Save the Bees BOM to start- it’s a coloring sheet for the Save the Bees quilt. You can print out as many as you want, get out your colored pencils or markers, and play with all kinds of color combinations! Have fun with it! Your kids and grandkids will probably have fun being a “designer” as well. Try out all kinds of color palettes to see what you like best.

Click here for your PDF coloring sheet!



Free Bzzzy Bee Pin Cushion Pattern

This oh-so-cute and useful Bzzzy Bee Pin Cushion was designed by my friend Teresa Raleigh of A Quilt and A Prayer a couple of years ago for one of our newsletters. Teresa recycled a decorative jar into a handy holder for your sewing room. Keep your pins and clips on the top, and use the jar to store other notions such as buttons, etc. Clever! Teresa said this cute vintage Avon jar had been waiting for just the right project to come along! I remember all of those Avon jars and containers scattered throughout my grandmother’s house. Maybe you have one or two you can use to make a bee pin cushion like this? You could even use one of those miniature Mason jars or recycle a jelly jar. (more…)

Color & Fabric Ideas for Save the Bees Free Block of the Month

Have you signed up for the Free I Love Home Block of the Month yet? No?? Just click here– it’s going to be so much fun!!

Yep, the BOM patterns and sew along are Free! Yippee!

Let’s talk about fabrics, OK? One of the things I love best about quilting is how many different looks you get from the same pattern, just by choosing different fabrics. It’s always a lot of fun during our BOM events to see what everyone is doing! Today, I thought I’d show you a ton of ideas for making this year’s quilt. These all show a “focus” fabric in the center of the blocks, but of course you can also make the applique or embroidery option (included in the free pattern.)

So, let’s go!! (Get the fabric requirements here.)

By the way, TODAY I’ll be on the American Patchwork and Quilting podcast with Pat Sloan, and we will be talking about… you guess it- fabric selection!!

(I also have another blog post about fabric selection which can be found here.)

Don’t be “boxed in” by the colors suggested in the pattern or sample quilt. Feel free to substitute navy, brown, or even dark green for the black. In place of the yellow, try gold, cheddar, chartreuse, orange or rust. Keep in mind the tones and values of your other fabrics- for example, if you are using reproduction fabrics, you might want to use gold, rust or cheddar instead of a bright yellow.

When choosing fabrics for this, or any other quilt project, think about the finished look you are trying to achieve. Do you love a clean, modern look? Do you really want the block and quilt design to take center stage? If so, then try using solids or almost solids, with lots of contrast (light, medium, and dark values) like this quilt:

Do you love a soothing, romantic, fluid look to your quilts? Maybe you are a beginner, or you are working on a challenging quilt design and you are worried that your seams and points might not line up exactly. If so, try using medium to large scale prints which are similar in value. For this quilt, all of the fabrics are a medium value, and the prints tend to blend into each other. Also, notice the slight difference in look that you get when using white instead of cream for the sashing and bee wings:


21 Free Red, White and Blue Quilt Patterns

Are you ready for 21 Free Red, White and Blue Quilt Patterns- and not just quilt patterns, but some wall hangings, pillows, and even a little embroidery! Something about these colors just feels energetic and summery! And of course, perfect for Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. They are also classic Americana- use some darker, more muted versions of red, cream and indigo for a colonial or primitive look, or you could even try some 1930’s prints for a retro look.

Want more Red, White and Blue ideas? Check out my “Red, White and Blue Summer” Pinterest board for more quilts, and also decorating and dessert ideas as well! You’ll find so many great ideas!

Please note that at the time of this writing, all of the links are correct. If you have a question about a specific project, please contact the owner of that website or blog. Click the photo or text description to go to the page for the project.

Red, White and Blue-An Easy Block Pattern


How and Why You Should Label Your Quilts

My friend Carolyn Beam is back to tell us about quilt labels! Do you label your quilts? Carolyn has been in the quilting industry for over 30 years. She had her own pattern design business, Colorado Quilt Designs until starting to work for Quiltmaker Magazine in 2005 as an editor. Her career at the magazines evolved into becoming the Content Director for Quiltmaker, McCall’s Quilting and McCall’s Quick Quicks until February 2018. She now spends her time doing freelance work in the quilting industry and spending time with her family.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Hi – it’s Carolyn Beam again. Let’s talk about quilt labels. You just finished sewing the last few inches of your binding down and feel that sense of relief and accomplishment that your quilt is finally finished—all that work and you can finally enjoy your creation. Or is it finished? Have you taken that final step and added a label? For me, this is an easy step to forget, but one I know is important.

Many years ago when my grandmother passed away, I was fortunate to inherit two of her handmade quilts. I was curious as to who had made these since I knew my grandmother and great grandmother didn’t quilt. I asked my great aunt, and all she knew was that maybe they were made by one of her aunts or grandmother. I would love to know which of my ancestors shared my love of quilting! Do you have family quilts that have been passed down with no record of who made them? (more…)

25 Free Sewing Projects for Kids

The kids are home for the summer- time to carve out some creative time! As a child, I would spend day after day at my grandmother’s house in the summer, and she taught me how to sew and crochet. I am so grateful that she taught me those skills- it’s very possible that I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today if she and my mother had not taught me the importance (and fun!) of being creative with fabric. I remember walking into the fabric store and being in awe of the colors and prints and textures on the bolts… and playing with giant boxes of buttons while Mom and Grandmom shopped.

Today I’m sharing 25 Free Sewing Projects for Kids! They range from very simple to a little more complicated, some are for hand sewing and some require a sewing machine. It’s time to create some summer memories, nurture creativity, and teach some valuable life skills to the kids, grandkids, and neighbors in your life (and do you know how many adults today don’t know how to sew on a button or do simple mending??)

By the way- these projects are not just for kids! You may find some quick and easy projects here that you’d like to whip up yourself!

As of the writing of this post, all of the below links work. If you have a questions about a particular project, please ask the owner of the specific blog below. Click the links or the photo to go to the project.


Mini Messenger Bag Tutorial

20 minute Basic Band Skirt Tutorial


Fabric Requirements for Save the Bees Block of the Month

As promised, here is the fabric requirement and supply list so you can start thinking about your Block of the Month project. If you haven’t sign up yet for this FREE Block of the Month project, click here for more information.

Optional fabric kit available, to make the quilt exactly as shown below.  Sorry, all the kits are sold out!  Coordinating labels, pins, and thread available here.

Approximate Finished Size of Quilt- 49″ x 54″

Fabric below includes enough for applique (see image below). If you choose to make the quilt without applique, you will have some leftovers.


27 Free Fruit Sewing Projects to Make

27 Free fruit sewing projects to make! It’s the perfect time- the weather is warming up and the sun is is getting sunnier! Look at these fruity, juicy projects! You’ll find quilting, applique, embroidery and craft projects so fun to make, they will surely brighten up your day and your home.

Please note that at the time of this writing, all of the links are correct. If you have a question about a specific project, please contact the owner of that website or blog. Click the photo to go to the page for the project.

Pineapple Patchwork Mini Quilt

Fruit Applique and Embroidery Pattern

Mod Melons Free Quilt Pattern


Save the Bees BOM Kits Now Available for Pre-Order

Here’s the buzz…. We have fabric kits available for the Save the Bees Free Block of the Month! You are free to choose ANY fabrics you’d like for this project, and purchase of a kit is not required. However, for those of you who would like to make the quilt just as it is shown in my photos, here is your chance. (Not signed up yet? Just click here! The pattern is FREE!)

PLUS, we have LOTS of other BOM and Bee related goodies for you to choose from! Quilt labels, Bee pins, Thread kits… Read on!!


For the last 4 BOM’s, the kits have sold out, so I suggest ordering soon so you won’t be disappointed. GET EARLY BIRD PRICING and SAVE $10 THROUGH June 7, 2018!