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Half Square Triangle (HST) Cheat Sheet and Tutorial


If you’ve been quilting for more than 5 minutes, you’ve probably made a HST (Half Square Triangle unit) a time or two (or hundred or thousand.) There are actually several ways to make them, but today I thought I’d show you the most common way to do it. Just in case you’re not sure what I’m referring to, a HST looks like this, and we tend to use them A LOT in quilting:


Each square is cut in half into 2 triangles, and then sewn back together to form a square.

I really like to make my units a little big and then trim them down to the perfect size- I find that no matter how careful I am with cutting, pinning, and sewing, my units can end up a little wonky. (Some people use starch to make their units behave… which is a fine solution… I just don’t like to have to clean my iron.)

I’ve made up a PDF “Cheat Sheet” for you- it’s basically a guide so you can tell at a glance what size to cut your squares for making HSTs. (more…)

My Free Block Pattern for the Aurifil Designer of the Month Series!

Aurifil Embroidery Thread- Jacquelynne Steves

My month is finally here! Have you been following along and getting your free Designer of the Month block patterns? The theme for the Aurifil Designer of the Month series this year has been Blue… Are you a “blue” person? I never really thought I was, but after a recent trip to Delft in The Netherlands (home of the beautiful blue and white Delft pottery and china), I got “the blues!”

Aurifil Embroidery Thread- Jacquelynne Steves-2 (more…)

Home in My Heart Mini Quilt Pattern


Wow! I can’t believe we have finally come to the end of our Mini Club! It doesn’t seem like 7 long months ago that my friend Michele and I got together and said, “Hey! Let’s do a quilt club together!!” But here we are! I have really enjoyed designing and making these patterns. I am not the fastest sew-er, so these little projects were easy for me to accomplish, lol. They are each only 26″ big- I love using them as table toppers or putting them on the back of a sofa or chair. What’s your favorite way to use a mini quilt??

Today we are releasing the final pattern, called Home in My Heart:

HomeMiniQuilt-JacquelynneSteves (more…)

Maggie’s First Dance Free Block of the Month- Block 1 is here!!!


It’s FINALLY here! The first block for Maggie’s First Dance Free Block of the Month was sent out a short time ago. If you are signed up, please check your email for your pattern. (Please note- sometimes it can several hours for the email to reach your inbox. If you don’t have it yet, please be patient and check back a little later.)

If you can’t find your email, please check your spam folder, and Gmail users please check your “Promotions” folder. If you still can’t find it, please email me comments@JacquelynneSteves.com  As this is the first month, and there may be a few “kinks” to work out, it may take us a little while to get back to you, but we will do our best to answer as soon as possible. PLEASE do not comment here to tell us that you can’t find your email- you comment will be deleted! Please email for assistance. Thank you!!

For technical questions, like how to download/save a PDF, etc. please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you are NOT signed up yet, please fill in the box in the upper right side bar of THIS PAGE to get your FREE block patterns! NOTE- THE PATTERNS ARE NOT ON MY WEBSITE OR BLOG- YOU MUST SIGN UP TO RECEIVE THEM BY EMAIL.

Just ONE MORE THING- Please download and save the files to your computer immediately, so that you can find them when you need them. Don’t rely on trying to find the email with the links later- As many have found, emails tend to get lost, even when you put them in a special folder :)  As this event grows larger with more and more participants, it gets more difficult for me to reply to emails requesting that I re-send the patterns. THANKS SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!

So… HERE. WE. GO!!!

Read through to the end of this post to find out how you can win a really great prize :)

I made the sample quilt using machine applique. I love machine applique because it’s fast- that means I can get on to my next project! This quilt was made with Hometown Girl fabric by Pat Sloan for Moda Fabrics.



In the studio this week…

In the studio this week… lots of odds & ends…

Last year, for my Block of the Month, I made 3 completed quilts with each of the different techniques (applique, embroidery, piecing only). This time around, I was lucky to just get the appliqued quilt done! But I decided that I would just start working on the embroidery and see what happened. I managed to finish the embroidery (it actually didn’t take that long), and then had a lot of fun picking out some fabrics. Made my embroidered block, and I’ll reveal it next week.



I LOVE how it came out! I’m working on the embroidery for block #2 now, so fingers crossed I’ll get that one done, too! (Here is a photo of Alfie testing the new block for me, he is the founding member of the CQTA (Canine Quilt Testers Association.)

AlfieQuiltTester-JacquelynneSteves (more…)

Trip Photos- Paris, Holland and Belgium

It’s hard to believe we’ve been back from our trip to Europe for almost 4 weeks! I’ve finally got some photos for you- we took over 1000 photos! I promise you that I am posting fewer than that…

Our daughter studied at Oxford (which is about 1-2 hours from London) for a semester. When she finished up in April, my husband and I went over to pick her up and do a little driving around. Daughter is an Art History major, so lots of museums were on the itinerary, and we just love beautiful country side so we made to sure to fit in some extra time to just drive around and see the sights. And, of course, there was the FOOD…

We took the train from London to Paris and spent a couple of days there. Our first night, we went up to the top of the Eiffel Tower and saw the city lights:


From Paris, we drove through Belgium into the Netherlands. We visited Kinderdijk to see the windmills- we were actually there a couple of years ago, and liked it so much that we went back to show our daughter. It is soooo beautiful!

Kinderdijk-JacquelynneSteves (more…)

Colorful Patchwork Bags & Baskets Class


Recently my friend Caroline from Sew Can She asked me to take a look at her brand new Craftsy class- It’s called Colorful Patchwork Bags and Baskets.*

Colorful Patchwork Bags and Baskets

I learned so much from this class! I had never worked with gridded interfacing before- have you? It makes your patchwork come out absolutely perfectly- it’s like magic, lol. And if you can’t find gridded interfacing, Caroline shows you how to make your own.

patchwork2 (more…)

Chirp! Mini Quilt Pattern is here

We have just released the pattern for May for the Small and Sweet Mini Quilt Club. It’s called Chirp! I made mine in Christmas fabrics:


Here it is made in other fabrics- as you can see, it’s totally cute no matter what palette you choose….

Chirp Quilt pattern by JacquelynneSteves (more…)

Patchwork Planner Giveaway!

Do you have a lot of projects underway at the same time? (Who am I kidding- of course you do, ha ha.) Do you need a way to keep track of them all? Do you sometimes put a project down for several months (or years), only to pick it up to work on it again but have no idea where you left off or which fabrics you’ve already purchased? Do you need a place to keep your quilt show submissions and SWAPS organized?

Well, I’ve got some good news for you! I recently found this project planner called The Patchwork Planner and Journal.

PatchworkPlanner (more…)

Fabric Ideas for Maggie’s First Dance Block of the Month

We will be starting the Free Maggie’s First Dance Block of the Month soon- Yippee!! One of my favorite things about the design process is playing with colors and prints. I had a ton of fun playing with the BOM pattern, seeing what it would look like made with all kinds of fabrics.

Here is the original:


(Love the quilt above? You can get the kit here.)

A) These fabrics are from the Bread n Butter collection by American Jane:

AmericanJaneBreadNButter-MaggiesFirstDance-JacquelynneSteves2 (more…)