I Love Birds! I think because they represent freedom- they just fly where ever their little hearts desire! They also sing- I love listening to their songs! I have several bird song CD’s which I enjoy listening to. Now, here’s something that may be odd- I love outdoor birds, but birds indoors in cages kind of freak me out a little! I have no idea why :)

Here are some birds which you can keep and give as gifts all year round- they don’t sing, but they sure are cute!! 

(Please note- as of the writing of this post, I have checked and all links and downloads work. If you are having a problem with a particular website/download/pattern, please contact the owner of that website. Thank you.)

Patchwork Bird Ornament:

Bird Pillow Cover:

Remote Owl Pillow:

Little Bird in Flight Sewing Pattern:

Bird Quilt Block:

Owl Potholder and Hot Pad:


Love Bird Swans: (Pattern is free but requires log in into site)


Bird Softie:

Chicken Pin Cushions:

 Sock Owl:

Fabric Birds:

Lucky Chicken:

Fabric Bird Tutorial:

Flora the Felt Bird:

Flossie Flamingo: (Pattern is free but requires log in into website for pattern)

Owl Softies:

Sewing Bird Embroidery Pattern:

Home Tweet Home Embroidery Pattern:

And finally, in keeping with the theme, Hope Embroidery Pattern: