This week, I have been doing some painting. Sometimes (not always!) it’s faster to paint a quilt than to actually sew one :)

Here are some photos of my step-by-step process for

Painting a Watercolor Quilt Block

First I decided which blocks I wanted to paint and then I sketched them out. I worked out basically where the colors would go (much like you would decide ahead of time where the fabrics will go when you are planning out a quilt.)



Then I went over the lines with a pigma marker and erased the pencil lines (I drew a quick sketch on a scrap of paper so I remember how I had planned to lay out my colors.)

Next- the fun part- I start to paint. I fill in all of the blocks with my background colors. (I normally don’t paint that close to the edge of my paper- but I wanted to fit all of my blocks onto a single sheet.)



Next, I would have normally painted in all of the little flowers and dots and stripes to create the patterns in the different fabrics. However, I started to paint my flowers (you can see a few on the left of the below photo), but I didn’t like how the yellow was coming through, making my blue just a little too green. So I decided to try something different. I painted my little designs separately (see right side of photo):



Then I added them in Photoshop. It was fun to try it this way, and I think it came out pretty well:



What do you think?

You will be seeing this artwork in the future. For starters, you will probably see it pretty soon  in my Etsy shop…