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It seems everyone is always looking for a quick little project to stitch up! Maybe you need a gift in a hurry, or maybe you just have a free afternoon and want a project you can finish up in a couple of hours. These are all great options that I think you will have a lot of fun with. Wrap them with a cute mug and a packet of tea or hot cocoa, and you’ve got an excellent gift :)

As of the writing of this post, all of the links and downloads work properly. If you have a question regarding a specific pattern, please contact the owner of that particular website. Thank you.

Please note that the telephone mug rug as shown in the composite image at the top of the page appears to no longer be available.  The owner of that pattern (SewMamaSew) has a website that is no longer working. 

Spool Love Mug Rug:

Mushroom Mug Rug:

Glass Half Full Mug Rug:

Heart Mug:

Happy House Mug Rug:


Quilted Mug Rug with Napkin Pocket:

Ruffle Mug Rug:


Christmas Mug Rug:

Mug Rug Coasters:

Christmas Tree Mug Rug:


Wonky Stars Christmas Mug Rug:

Scrappy Stack Mug Rug:

Nautical Mug Rug:

Cozy Little Cottage Mug Rug:

Folded Star Mat:

Holiday Mug Rug:

Patchwork Mug Rug:

Dresden Color Wheel Mug Rug:

Valentine’s Day Mug Rug:

Teal Swap Mini Mug Rug:


Halloween Mug Rug:

Christmas is only a few months away- these will make great gifts!!