So, it’s January and many people make a new year’s resolution to get more organized… which sounds like a chore… but we can make it much more fun! We’ve gathered up some really cute projects that you can make that will help to organize your home, sewing space and projects. Many of these can be made with scraps and fat quarters- so think of it as cleaning up your stash, as well!! Here are 27 Projects you can make to organize your sewing space and your life!

Easy Berry Basket Organizers

Scrappy Needle Keeper Tutorial

Easy Grocery Bag Holder

Car Seat Organizer

Ironing Board Organizer

Car Diddy Bag

Thread Catcher Basket

DIY Desk Organizer/Caddy

Running Belt With Storage Organizer

Storage Pods

Stackable Scrap Bucket

Fabric Charging Station

Fold Up Storage Basket Tutorial

Embroidery Hoop Organizer

Fabric Bag With Drawstring Top

Needle Case and Pin Cushion

Fabric Cord Keeper

Fabric Closet Safe

Notebook Cover Organizer

Mini Iron Travel Bag Tutorial

DIY Oilcloth Make-Up Brush Roll

Hanging Wall Organizer Sewing Tutorial

Quilted Laptop Bag Tutorial