Hi there! Last week, I shared my new Preview Video with you, where I showed you some of the projects that we will be working on in The Art of Home Club for 2018. I am having sooo much fun working on these projects…. I’m spending a lot of time on embroidery these days, which is fine with me, because it’s Hallmark Christmas Movie season so I have a good excuse to just sit and relax and stitch!! I’m one of those people with 2 speeds- GO and STOP. I will admit that moderation can be a little difficult for me- I tend to go, go, go and then just “plop” on the couch! So, after the go,go,go of Quilt Market last week, it’s been nice to spend my evenings watching Christmas movies and relaxing a little.

I finished butterfly #4 of 5, and then started the final one. These will be for a Mystery Sew Along we will be doing in January in The Art of Home Club (I talk about about that in my video.) When you join the Club starting this week, you will receive butterfly patterns #1, #2, and #3, then later this month you will receive butterfly #4, in December you will receive #5, and then in January we will put them together into a really gorgeous quilt. (Note that these butterfly patterns, as well as all other Club projects, will be available ONLY to Club members- they will not be available through my blog, shop website, or Facebook.)

Speaking of Quilt Market- I’m working on editing and organizing my Quilt Market photos to share with you- I took over 1000 so it’s taking me a little while to go through them! But starting next week, I should have quite a few ready to post- you are going to be so inspired! When you see them, you are going to want to just RUN to your sewing room! Here’s a little sample:

Since I started to talk about The Art of Home Club at the beginning of this post, let me tell you a little more! We love making new friends in The Art of Home Club- we have a private Facebook group where we can share our project photos and ask questions. We also have a Club newsletter where I special goings-on and behind the scenes stuff, and our Member of the Week.

For our Member of the Week, members can fill out a profile if they want, and tell us a little bit about themselves (like their favorite projects, vacation spot, etc.) They also share photos of their quilts and pets and other fun things. These profiles are shared through our Facebook group and our newsletter- it’s so fun to get to know each other this way! And everyone gets to be a “sewlebrity” for a little while!

Projects and patterns for The Art of Home Club are available to Club Members ONLY- you will not find them anywhere else! Not in shops, online stores or websites (including mine.) These are truly exclusive designs reserved for my members!

We only open up enrollment to new members a few times per year!

Membership will be open Thursday Nov 9 through Wed Nov 15, then it will be closed to new members until sometime in 2018.

As a member there are so many bonuses, tutorials, and projects! All for just $9.95 per month- that’s about the cost of ONE well-written quilt pattern!

Get more details about the Club by clicking HERE

Don’t miss out! I hope you’ll join us! It’s going to be a great year :)