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Whew!  I have to admit, things have been very hectic for me lately.  We are preparing to open our doors for The Art of Home Club, and I’ve been doing quite a bit of “prep” work for that.  I’ve been writing patterns for the Club, and working on getting the colors “just right” for some of our pre-printed panels for Happy Little Things Block of the Month.

And then there is the shipping – probably the least favorite part of my job, but is something that I haven’t been able to delegate to others quite yet.  My husband and I will work for a few hours in the evening a couple times a week so that we can ship out what people have ordered from my shop – and this time of year is pretty busy with the kits, labels, and buttons for the Happy Little Things BOM.

(Oh! and by the way- we just added these to the shop! Just Another Button Company has created these adorable little pins especially to coordinate with our Happy Little Things Block of the Month!!! Can you believe it??

Whew!  I’m tired just typing all of that!  I know that all of that work is important, but if it isn’t very creative it isn’t that fun for me.  Do you have times where it seems that all you can do is “busy” work, and don’t have time for creativity?

We are taking a bit of a vacation right now, and spending some time with our family will certainly help me to relax a bit after the last few weeks of hectic activity.  I also plan to spend some time in being creative – I’ll look for some inspiration from nature, or from my stack of magazines that I’ll have with me to read on the beach, and hopefully I’ll be able to sketch out some ideas for future patterns or projects. I picked up LOTS of craft supplies from Michael’s for the kids to work on- we’ll be painting and drawing and coloring! I love getting the kids involved in crafty projects, and they really seem to enjoy it. My creative legacy stems from my mother and grandmothers, so I know how important it is for younger generations to get involved with creative experimentation.

And I’ll take some time to be a little creative in other ways as well.  Although we’ll have a small army to cook for while on vacation, I do enjoy spending some time in the kitchen and mixing flavors to express my creativity through cooking.  Just the fact that I’ll be in a different place and with my kids will probably refresh me and boost my creativity.

What do you do to boost your creativity?  Are you able to try different things to exercise different parts of your brain and give yourself that creative “boost”?  Does relaxing help your brain to “reset” so that you can be more productive and creative?

As I mentioned above, we will be opening up The Art of Home Club for new members very soon.  If you’d like some information about the Club, make sure you sign up for our waiting list so that you can be notified when we open.  The Club is a great way for you to learn new fabric techniques and give you more ways to be creative, such as by mixing and matching our Club patterns to make your own unique projects. I’ll be telling you more about it very soon!!