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A few weeks ago, I received an email from The Old Country Store, a charming quilt shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They were offering a wool workshop with Kathy Cardiff, in conjunction with her new book by Martingale, A Cottage Garden. I LOVE making projects for The Art of Home Club, for my blog and for our annual Block of the Month- but all of those come with a deadline, and so feel a little like “work” sometimes. I hardly ever do sewing “just because.” So when I saw this workshop, I thought I’d treat myself to a day or 2 of shopping and sewing in Amish country.

As the day of the class drew nearer, the weather forecast looked iffy. First, it was a chance of flurries that would probably pass us by… then a few inches of snow predicted…. by the day before the class, they were forecasting 10-12 inches. On the first day of Spring. Which is more snow than we had had all winter long!!

I decided to go anyway, and planned to stay an extra night if necessary. The first day, as the snow began to fall, the stores were empty and perfect for shopping, LOL! I stopped at a diner for dinner (see the train in the background) and enjoyed watching the peaceful snow fall as I had my soup and sandwich and cup of tea.

Happy first day of Spring!

And by the way, you KNOW that you are in Lancaster PA when you find the tubs of bacon drippings in the dairy case, right next to the lard!

The next day, which was the day of the class, the roads were a bit treacherous, and I asked myself, as I drove in my little Mini Cooper- What was I thinking?? There were a few pick up trucks out on the roads, as well as one very brave horse and buggy. I made it to the shop in one piece.

I really enjoyed the class! We made a wool needle case with a gorgeous flower on the front and a scissor holder and pocket inside. I enjoyed meeting Kathy and the other students as well:

My finished needle case- isn’t it beautiful??

Here are some samples from Kathy’s book:

While I was in the class, although it was snowing all day, the roads actually cleared up and it was pretty smooth sailing back to the hotel, where it continued to snow all night. Then the next morning, I cleaned off my car, enjoyed a leisurely breakfast while I waited for the sun to work on my car a little more, and then drove the uneventful trip home.


It also ended up being a FAT (Fabric Acquisition Trip) as I took advantage of a couple of sales. Don’t judge!! LOL. Since we do a lot of applique and embroidery in The Art of Home Club, I’m always on the lookout for interesting background fabrics:


I have a couple of ideas for the yellow and gray fabrics. I liked how the blue and green fabrics looked together and I have an idea for them as well. The reds I got just because I liked them, and you can never go wrong with a really good red! You’ll always find a way to use it:

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these, but, seriously- they’re so cute how could I NOT get a half yard of each, just because.

(Because I know some of you will ask: neutral fabrics are by a variety of designers and manufacturers. Reds are by Moda. Yellow and Gray are Flutter & Buzz by Heather Rosas for Camelot Fabrics, except top fabric which is by 3 Wishes fabric. Pet fabrics are by Woof Woof Meow by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda.)