We spent all of last week at the beach…. the kids were all there, and the in-laws. We were there for my birthday, and we went out to a nice dinner at a seafood restaurant (you have to have seafood when you’re at the beach!!) We did some cooking, believe it or not (more about that in a later post.) It was a fun time, but I think Alfie had the most fun of all!

We decided that if he is truly going to be a Salty Dog, he should have a life jacket. Safety first!! haha. I love the handle on the top- makes it so easy to pick him up and carry him around like a suitcase!



He loves spending time on the beach:



And just chillin’ on the deck:



But, you know, the sun and salt air can make you really tired:


When we get back home from the beach, he spends about 2 days sleeping!

The humans also had some fun… taking long walks on the beach:Beach2-JacquelynneSteves

Enjoying the view from the back yard:Beach-JacquelynneSteves

Hiking through the woods to our favorite secluded beach (uh oh- our secret has been found out. This time when we went there was a group of 11 people there. How dare they??)


Visiting the quaint neighboring town for dinner, ice cream, and strolls through town:



Fabulous sunsets:CapeCharlesSunset-JacquelynneSteves



I even brought my supplies and did a little painting:

ButterflyArt- Jacquelynne Steves

So now we’re back… and daughter goes back to college tomorrow… and everything goes back to normal. *Sigh* I guess summer is over!!


HaveABeautifulDay-Seashell Art_JacquelynneSteves