Recently I got an email from a (somewhat) local quilt shop, The Old Country Store,  announcing a presentation about Andover Fabrics Little House on the Prairie fabric line… I immediately knew I wanted to go! Normally, I would hem and haw and think about whether I could/should go, and eventually just forget about it or wait too long and find out that it has sold out. But for this… I signed up right away so I couldn’t back out! After I signed up, I realized that it was just a few days after my return home from Florida, but I decided I was going anyway! A lot of my time is spent here on my computer, alone in my studio. Which is fine- I am really quite introverted. But sometimes, I just have to force myself to get out of the house…. I can sit here for days on end with no desire whatsoever to venture out into the world. I was so glad that I “forced” myself to go to this presentation!

I LOVED the Little House on the Prairie TV show (those of you who follow me on Facebook probably already knew that.) So, even though the style of fabrics is not something I usually work with, I was really interested in hearing the back story of how this collection came about and how it reflected the books and television series. And I always loved the artwork on the book covers… so that little illustration on the invite totally drew me in…


Long story short…. I’m so glad I went! It was so fun and interesting! Dennis Bevins, the National Director of Sales for Andover Fabrics, gave a presentation which was incredibly interesting and informative. We learned how the license for the Little House on the Prairie line was obtained, which licensed lines will be coming in the future, about the manufacturing processes for both print cotton and batiks, and saw the original 19th century fabric swatches which were the inspiration for the Little House fabric line. We saw a couple of videos about the creation and filming of the television series. Many quilts and sewing projects created with the Little House fabrics were on display.

Today I will share some photos from my day. I brought my good camera with me… but forgot it in the car!! So all of these photos were taken with my phone. Yes, they could be better! Oh well- I think you will enjoy this peek at the presentation anyway.

Many free quilt patterns can be found on the Andover website. Click here and type “Little House on the Prairie” into the fabric line search box.

Prairie Crossing


The quilt above is the Ma and Pa quilt. It’s a sampler which is available over on the Andover site. Some close ups:




This quilt is called Prairie Life.  The iconic Little House image of the girl with braids is appliqued in the center, but Dennis told us that due to the popularity of this, they are working on a pre-printed panel. (You can get the kit for this quilt here.)


I didn’t get the name of this 9 Patch quilt pattern:



This pattern is called Cabin on the Prairie and is available from Quilt Design NW:




We had Molasses Cookies- just like Ma used to make!


And saw this dress and bonnet, just like Laura and Mary used to wear:LittleHouse-Dress

Nana’s Garden Path quilt pattern is available from Poorhouse Quilt Designs:


This pattern is called Prairie Pathways and includes pattern for quilt and clothes for 18″ doll (butterfly quilt is included in Cabin on the Prairie pattern which was shown above):




Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of this purse pattern, but some clever person transferred an image of Laura Ingalls Wilder onto fabric and sewed it to the bag:


My “swag” from the day- the quilt shop handed out quilt labels to everyone in attendance. I also received an Andover batik fat quarter for asking a question, and won a tote bag for answering a trivia question (Question- who originally obtained the rights to Little House on the Prairie for the television series? Answer- Ed Friendly. I didn’t know that off the top of my head- it was covered in one of the videos shown!!)


This presentation was held at the lovely Old Country Store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. If you are ever in “Amish country,” I highly suggest that you stop into this wonderful shop.


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