Last week I sent out an email to some of my followers, asking them what their biggest questions and struggles were. We got A LOT of responses! But the same questions and themes seemed to come up over and over- people want to learn embroidery, wool applique, and they struggle with getting projects done.

Below is a Facebook Live Video that I shot to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions. By the way, The Art of Home Club, which I mention in the video, is open only today through Friday March 15, 2019, then we’ll close to new members until summer. Click here to find out more!!

Here are the links mentioned in the video:

Introduction to embroidery- Hints and suggested supplies

Transferring designs & using interfacing

Basic stitches- backstitch, French knot, satin stitch

Free embroidery patterns can be found here

How to sort your UFO’s and let some go

Tips for finishing UFO’s


I hope you found this helpful! Remember, our Club is open only for a few days! Here are some photos of what we are currently working on: