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I have been really trying lately to focus on painting… I have fallen into a pattern of making everything else a priority, and then painting becomes the thing that I do “when I have time.” You know what I mean, right? Like, you really want to work on making a new quilt or a new skirt or craft project, or whatever, and you are sidetracked by the laundry, the dishes in the sink, the email, Facebook…. maybe you’re even sidetracked by Pinterest where you are getting all of that great inspiration!!!

(And I need your help with something…. at the end of this post I need your suggestions!)

If you feel like you’ve seen the above photo before… it’s because you probably have… I have been working on this autumn-themed collection since around October. I started working on it when I was inspired by the change of seasons. Then other things came up and I have just worked on it a bit here and there, as time allowed. I am happy to say that I think all of the actual painting is done (I might decide to add a little to it later, we’ll see.) Right now I am working on putting some things together for it in PhotoShop, like borders and stuff.

Something new I have been working on is a collection with birds -I am really inspired by the season, obviously!  (Unfortunately, you often find yourself painting flowers in December and Snowmen in July!)

I use a variety of reference materials when I’m painting. For this collection, even though the birds are more stylized or “cute” than realistic, I am still referring to several nature guides that I keep on hand to help me get them right. I am also having a lot of fun using the new pastels that I bought on my trip to the art store in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago.

Art bird jacquelynne steves bird art jacquelynne steves

In addition to my new art supplies, I am also inspired by some of the colors that my daughter and I saw while we were shopping in New York City a couple of weeks ago. (Click here for more photos of our trip!)


I need your suggestions:

I was planning on doing a group of 4 bird paintings, each with a different inspirational saying, like “Sing Your Own Song” or “Soar”…. I need a total of 4 nice phrases to go with the collection. I would love your ideas & suggestions. Please help!