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I just put the finishing touches on the emagazine, which goes out tomorrow! One thing I forgot to mention in my preview last week is that this issue will have THREE quilt patterns! Make sure you get your copy! Just fill in the box on the right, and the issue will land right in your inbox tomorrow….3FreeQuiltPatterns-JacquelynneSteves


I am thinking about starting a BOM (block of the month) club in the fall… I have worked on a few sample blocks. They still need some tweaking, but I think they’re going to be pretty cute!


This would be a FREE club- and I’d like your input! I’m thinking of making this a fairly short program- 4-6 months. I don’t know about you, but for me, 12 or 13 months is too big of a commitment, ha ha. Could please give me your ideas in the comments? Some things I’d like to know:

  • *When you do BOM or sew-alongs, do you prefer to follow blog posts? Get a reminder via email once a month? Follow along on social media such as Facebook or Instagram? Join a special Facebook group? Other?
  • *What kind of blocks do you prefer- piecing only, applique (machine or hand?), hand embroidery? A little bit of each?
  • *How likely would you be to join a BOM or sew-along? How about your friends? You can be honest here- if you are just too busy- please let me know! Or if you prefer a different format, let me know!
  • *What do you look for in a monthly club? What do you like, and what do you dislike? How many months/blocks do you think is a good duration?

ANY and ALL of your feedback would be appreciated here! It will take quite a bit of time to design and organize a club like this, and I’d like to know that it’s something that people will be interested in and participate in. As always, thanks for your help!!

Have A Creative Day-Pin Cushion Art_JacquelynneSteves