The weather here has been soooo cold- last week we had a couple of days where it never got over 18 F (that’s -8 C!!!) We had about 4″ of snow, which I really don’t mind because it’s pretty, but I can do without the arctic temperatures! Alfie hates going out on days like this- I can’t say I blame him. He’s not really fond of wearing his coat either, but it can’t be helped- Chihuahua’s don’t do well in sub-zero temperatures. He’s such a sweetie-pie, though, giving kisses whenever he gets the chance…


I know we still have a couple of months until Spring really starts, but I think this is a cheerful little project for looking forward to some nice sunny days. It’s a really quick project that you can put together in an hour- spend an afternoon making a pile and put them away for quick little handmade gifts. You could also make some matching napkins or table runner. (This project originally appeared in my free newsletter. Click here to sign up so you don’t miss a thing-  AND get a free gift.)



  • Purchased cotton towel
  • Fabric scraps
  • Fusible webbing
  • Rick rack, ribbon, or trim
  • Thread for machine applique
  • Black or navy embroidery floss
  • Very fine permanent marker
  • Needle & thread, scissors

Cut rick rack or trim 1” longer than width of towel. Pin to towel, about 1” from bottom edge. Sew in place using matching thread. Trace butterfly wing and body pattern 5 times each onto paper side of fusible webbing. Cut out, leaving about 1/8” border around each shape.

Place wings on WRONG side of fabrics and iron according to manufacturer’s instructions. Arrange butterfly wings on towel RIGHT side up. Iron in place according to manufacturer’s instructions. Use matching thread to machine applique wings. Iron the bodies in place, on top of the wings. Machine applique. Use marker to draw antennae. Hand embroider using a back stitch and 2 strands of floss. Make a French knot at end of each antennae.

Click here for a PDF of the pattern.