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Have you signed up for the Free Happy Little Things Block of the Month yet? No?? Just click here– it’s going to be so much fun!!

Yep, the BOM patterns and sew along are Free! Yippee!

Let’s talk about fabrics, OK? One of the things I love best about quilting is how many different looks you get from the same pattern, just by choosing different fabrics. It’s always a lot of fun during our BOM events to see what everyone is doing! Today, I thought I’d show you a ton of ideas for making this year’s quilt. For the center of the blocks, you can use white or cream fabric and make the applique or embroidery option (included in the free pattern) OR you can use a “focus” fabric like a pretty floral or a novelty print.

So, let’s go!! (Get the fabric requirements here.)

Want your quilt to look just like my sample? You can get a fabric kit here! (Hurry- they are selling fast!)

Don’t feel “boxed in” by the colors suggested in the pattern or sample quilt. Feel free to substitute navy, brown, or even dark green for the black. In place of the yellow, try gold, cheddar, chartreuse, orange or rust. Keep in mind the tones and values of your other fabrics- for example, if you are using reproduction fabrics, you might want to use gold, rust or cheddar instead of a bright yellow.

When choosing fabrics for this, or any other quilt project, think about the finished look you are trying to achieve. Do you love a clean, simple look? Do you really want the block and quilt design to take center stage? If so, then try using solids or almost solids, like this quilt:

Do you love a soothing, romantic, fluid look to your quilts? Try lots of dreamy florals in a variety of scales (small to large). Note that the values (lightness or darkness) of most of the fabrics are fairly similar, giving a soft look:

Generally, using a mix of light, medium and dark fabrics, and a mix of solids/almost solids, small prints, medium prints and large prints is a winning combination! This mix will create interest, balance and harmony in your quilt. Here are some more ideas!

This quilt has a variety of scales, from very large (outer border floral) to medium (paisley in border) to small (pieced blocks.) Generally, we use smaller scales when piecing blocks, so you get uniform color and pattern in the smaller pieces:

Don’t forget those fun Christmas fabrics. I’ve “fussy cut” some trees from a novelty print for the block centers:

Here’s a couple of versions with bright, cheerful fabrics, featuring a palette of navy, green and orange:

You can never go wrong with batiks, which give gorgeous, deep saturated color:

For this one, I’ve used colors with a little more tan underbase, and replaced the white with a light tan print- it gives a very vintage look. Doesn’t this look like something you just pulled from Grandmother’s closet?

Finally, a darker, almost primitive, palette:

Which do you like best? What are you planning to do for your Happy Little Things quilt?? Tell us in the comments, or in our Sew Quilty Friends Facebook group!