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Block 5_Cozy Afternoon Free BOM Jacquelynne Steves

The Cozy Afternoon Block of the Month Block 5 is here! I simply cannot believe that we are on our last block! How have you been doing on it? So many of you have sent in photos of your blocks, by email, Facebook, or Pinterest. Everyone has done an outstanding job! I even had a reader email me to me that this was her very first sewing project EVER!! As in, she had never picked up a needle and thread before! I am seriously impressed! 

I know that you all know the drill by now, lol. If you didn’t get your email today with the link to the block pattern, please check your spam folder (and, if you have a Gmail address, check the Gmail “promotions” folder- a lot of emails end up there!) If you need more help, refer to my FAQ page here. Please know that I don’t mind helping people if they’ve tried to find the patterns on their own and can’t. I just ask that you follow the steps above first :) If you need further help, please email me  comments(at)   Thanks!!

Also- if you are having trouble finding your block- DO NOT COMMENT HERE. Please email me at the address above for faster reply. Thank you :)

Note- Once this free Block of the Month event is over next month, the free pattern links will be deactivated. Please be sure that you have all of your patterns downloaded and/or printed for safe keeping! Once the free links are deactivated, I will not be able to do re-sends.

(If you are just joining us, and you don’t have your FREE block patterns yet, please click here.)

So, for our 5th and final block, we will use that “birthday cake” method that we learned for Block 4 again. I happen to think that it’s a lot of fun- so much easier than cutting out all those little pieces and then trying to sew them together! I’d much rather sew a unit together and then trim it to the size that I need it to be!!D

At the top of this post, you will see my pieced only block.

Here is my machine appliqued block:

Cozy Afternoon Free Block of the Month-Block5- Jacquelynne Steves

And here is my hand embroidered block:

Block 5 Cozy Afternoon Free BOM- Jacquelynne Steves

(Hint- to embroider those little tiny curves on the tea bag tag, take tiny little stitches. Use your magnifying glasses if necessary, like I do! Or, you can leave out those little details and embroider just the outline of the tag, and omit the “tea” and little scallop border.)

If you’ve fallen behind on your blocks, don’t fret! We will be having a “catching up” Sew Along Day on Saturday September 26! This is a fabulous time to set aside time to sew, see what others are making, and enter to win great prizes! Get more information here.

Sew Along Day is coming- Jacquelynne Steves


Of course, we are having a giveaway this week to celebrate Block #5! SIX lucky winners will each win the prize below. One winner will be chosen from each of our featured blogs:

Giveaway for September- Cozy Afternoon Free BOM

Please note that I am not having a giveaway here on my blog- you must visit the blogs below to enter. Be sure to see the beautiful blocks that our featured bloggers are making!

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Finally- don’t forget to post your project photos to social media!

  • -Post them on my Facebook page
  • -I’ve started a Pinterest group board for this project- please email me ( if you’d like an invitation to the group board so you can share your photos and see other people’s photos too!
  • -If you post on Instagram, please use the hashtag #CozyAfternoonQuilt and mention me @jacquelynnesteves. (By the way- I noticed that I somehow missed a bunch of the blocks posted on Instagram- so sorry! Not sure if they were posted while I was away on vacation, or if the Instagram notification system failed for some reason…)

OK- Let’s go Sew!

Have A Cozy Day-BOMTeapot_JacquelynneSteves