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It’s time to start the Dandy Drive Quilt Along! Yippee!! This is week 1- soooo, if you need to grab the fabric requirements and instructions, just hop over here to Sarah’s blog (Sarah is the one who designed this super- cute pattern!!) I spend most of my sewing time working on my own patterns, designing and testing them. So it’s really nice when I can just follow someone else’s instructions and enjoy the sewing part :) My pal Pat Sloan will also be co-hosting this event! Read on to find out how you can win a fabric kit!

For this pattern, Sarah will instruct you to make several flower blocks and several butterfly blocks. However, I’m doing my own thing– ’cause I’m a rebel and generally not good with going with the crowd, LOL!!! I will be making just 1 flower block, and 2 butterfly blocks. Then, I’m going to use lots of horizontal borders to make a lap sized quilt.

More borders = less piecing = super quick! Yippee!! Plus- it’s going to allow me to really showcase some gorgeous floral fabric that I found.

So, this week you have the instructions for making 9 patch blocks. If you are doing Sarah’s quilt, you will need to make 11 of these. Make them scrappy, and you will have yourself a super-cute quilted “garden.” Since I’m making just 1 flower, I only needed to make one of these blocks:

The only thing I did differently was that I pressed my seam allowances open (did I mention that I tend to be a rebel???) I just like to do it that way- then I don’t have to worry about which way to press, and I find that my blocks lay flatter. And since all of my quilts get machine quilted, I’m confident that they will stay secure. (I also use Warm & Natural or Warm & White batting, and I’ve never had a problem with little “fuzzers” coming up through the seams.) But to each her own! So, if you like to press to one side, be my guest. Contrary to popular belief, there are no quilt police! I am all for trying lots of ways to do something, and then finding the way that you like best.

I’m using pretty pastel fabrics against a black background- I think it’s going to be really pretty!

HURRY! You can win a fabric kit for this project! Click  here– giveaway runs April 7-9, 2017!! Good Luck!

And IF you like free stuff (I know you do *wink*), why not sign up for my free newsletter and get this a-dorable Little French Hen pattern! (For those of you who are already subscribers- I sent this pattern to you on March 30. If you didn’t get it, please check your spam!! thanks.)

I hope you are joining us for this quilt along!

Here is the schedule:

  • Week 1- April 7, 2017 (9 patch)
  • Week 2- April 14, 2017 (flower)
  • Week 3- April 21, 2017 (stem and leaf)
  • Week 4- April 28, 2017 (butterfly)
  • Week 5- May 5, 2017 (assemble)
  • Week 6- May 12, 2017 (Giveaway!!!)


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Jacquelynne Steves​ (that’s me!!!)
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