It’s time to look forward to a new year, and reflect back on the year just passed… I find that some years, I fondly look back at the previous year, and some years, I can’t wait for a new year and a new beginning to start… A year can mean such huge, unforeseen changes, both good and bad. This past year, I saw many blessings both in my business and personal life- we started The Art of Home Club, quite on the spur of the moment! Who knew back in January of 2016 that in October we’d be starting a brand new, BIG adventure in cyber-world?? In March, my potholder pattern actually won the Craftsy March Make-It Madness contest!! Our kids made some big life decisions, and we are so proud of the young adults they have become! Back in February, we enjoyed a trip to Orlando with my husband’s family from England for a wonderful “family reunion” vacation.




Of course, the year had its share of sorrow, as we very unexpectedly lost our 20 year old nephew in June. December 16 would have been his 21st birthday… who knew on January 1, 2016 that this would be his last year with us? It was with bittersweet joy that we welcomed his daughter (and my very first grand-niece), Jaylynn, to the world in September. My nephew never got to meet her on this side of heaven, but he is ever-present with us in her big, beautiful smile. It is a reminder, once again, to hug your loved ones and never miss an opportunity to tell them how much you love them.


I am so thankful that I get to connect with all of you, friends from all over the world, here! The internet has certainly made the world a much smaller place. I have learned from you and I have been inspired by the beautiful projects that you share on my Facebook page and in my Facebook group and by email. I cherish all of your kind comments and emails.

Last year I shared my Journal Jar project with you. I have to admit that in the middle of the year, I kind of lost track of it and forgot to “fill my jar,” however, I’ve started up again and I plan on jamming my jar full of gratitude in 2017. How about you?? I have been sitting here going through my little notes, and oh my- how much GOODNESS there is in life, especially in those little things that we tend to overlook!!


See the original post, with instructions and printables, here.

Journal Jar-Jacquelynne Steves

Wishing you a blessed and beauty-filled 2017,