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“Everything” Patterns!



I’ve been working on a project that I think you are going to like- or at least I hope you will, lol! One of the things people have told me that they like most about my free Block of the Month is the options that it provides – three different ways to make each block. One of those options is embroidery, and we are seeing it more and more, on all kinds of projects. Why not? The supplies are very inexpensive and it’s so fun and relaxing.

Folks have been asking me for more embroidery patterns :)

Also – can we talk about the adult coloring book craze?

It shows no signs of slowing down at all!

So, here is what I have come up with – an e-book with lots and lots of designs that you can embroider, or color, or use for other crafty purposes as well! It’s super versatile – not only will you get a ton of designs, you will get an idea sheet and some projects to make with the patterns. Choose your embroidery/craft design,  choose a project, and make it all your own! This ebook will be available for purchase very soon!

Here is a video explaining a little more:

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This e-book will have over 50 embroidery/coloring patterns! This includes some continuing borders that you can use for the edging on a table cloth, on a table runner, the hem of a skirt or some cute curtains…. You will also get some corner designs which are great for napkins, table cloths, and quilt blocks and borders. Plus you will get a number of projects for both fabric and paper that you can use with the embroidery/coloring patterns. (In the near future, I will give you a sneak peak of some of the patterns included in the ebook.)

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I’ve also done some how-to videos. Want to give hand embroidery a try? (It’s hot hot hot right now!!) Check out these videos!

Here is another video, showing how to use colored pencils with the Everything Patterns.

Finally- my favorite! Watercolor pencils! Watch this video to learn how to get a beautiful watercolor effect on your Everything Patterns! I love using watercolor pencils, and I think you will too! See how easy it is here:

(For a list of supplies and where to purchase them, click here.)

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