Fabric Scrap Rosette Ornament- Jacquelynne Steves

So it’s one week before Christmas and you think you don’t have time to make an ornament? Wrong! These Fabric Scrap Rosette Ornaments are pretty quick…. What a great scrappy project- You know those long skinny scraps left over after you trim the excess backing from your quilt? Perfect! Fat quarters are also perfect for this project. (Oh, and Jelly Rolls will work too, even though they’re 2 1/2″ wide instead of 3″). You can even use up your scraps of fusible webbing.

If there’s no time to make them for Christmas, you could make them in any fabrics and hang them in your window, or attach to gifts as an embellishment. You could tie them around the neck of a Mason Jar mix or bottle of wine or vinegar for a great hostess gift. Make Blue & White ones to mimic snowflakes for January, or try Red & Pink fabrics for adorable Valentine’s Day decorating. 

You will need:
Scraps of fabric
Fusible Web
Needle and Thread
Thread or Cord for hanging

To make the ornament, cut 2 strips of fabric about 3 x 19″.


Cut fusible webbing so that it is slightly smaller than fabric strip and fuse, according to manufacturer’s directions, to WRONG SIDE of one fabric strip. (You can piece together scraps of the fusible web, as I did.)


Remove paper backing and fuse the other strip of fabric to the one with the fusible web, RIGHT SIDES OUT.c

Trim the strip to 2 x 18″.
Accordion fold the strip, pressing the creases with your fingers as you go. The creases will stay in the strip, so when the folded piece of fabric becomes too bulky to hold, you can release it and go on to the next section.



Run a needle and thread through all of the pleats except for the first and last ones. Pull thread so it is snug and tie the thread off.


Sew the edges together. Use matching thread (I used contrasting thread so you could see it better in the photo.)


Attach thread or cord to make a hanging loop.


To make the yo-yo for the center, cut a circle that is 4″ in diameter. Make a running stitch all the way around, about 1/8″ from the edge. (No need to turn the raw edge under, it will be hidden by the button.)


Pull thread to gather and tie off.


Sew a button to the yo-yo. Glue the yo-yo to the ornament.

If you would like a double-sided ornament, simply glue another yo-yo and button to the back.

Click here for a printable PDF of this tutorial.

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