We are getting close to Valentine’s Day- it’s one of my favorite holidays because everything is pink and red, which are my favorite colors! Here is a “sweet” little free cupcake embroidery pattern! You can use it for a dishtowel, or an apron pocket, or a potholder. Click here for the PDF of this pattern.

You can find MORE free embroidery patterns on my free pattern page here.

Are you more partial to applique? Then try out this cupcake applique pattern- just click here for the PDF of the applique pattern.


Do you have any plans for the weekend? I actually have a Christmas party to go to! Because December is so busy, and everyone is just kind of “partied out,” every year our church worship team has our party in January. All of the holiday hubbub has died down and things are quiet (aka boring) by end of January, so it’s a nice diversion! We play “Bad Santa”- where we bring in our “reject” gifts from Christmas and trade them around- it’s a lot of fun.

I hope you are doing something fun as well! Maybe some stitching?