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Free Thanksgiving Placecard Printable- Jacquelynne Steves

It’s almost time to get your “Gobble” on!! If you are hosting dinner, you may want to use these Free Printable Thanksgiving Menu and Place Cards! The place cards originally appeared in the Fall 2011 issue of my newsletter- if you would like to sign up to receive my newsletter free- full of sewing and craft projects, recipes, artist interviews, cute printables and more- please click here!!

Free Thanksgiving Menu Printable_ Jacquelynne StevesI decided to add a menu as well- so your table can be totally coordinated!


To be honest- I wish that we celebrated Thanksgiving in the U.S. a little earlier, like our friends in Canada. Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the holiday- I feel like Thanksgiving is too close to Christmas, and there’s such a rush right after Thanksgiving (even before Thanksgiving) to get to Christmas. I propose that we move Thanksgiving to the first week in November, so we can enjoy Christmas preparations without so much urgency and stress- Who’s with me?? The other option is to move Christmas to January- because nothing happens in January anyway and it’s soooo boring!! What do you think? Maybe we should get a petition together, lol.

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Click here for PDF of the place cards.

Click here for PDF of menu.

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