The other day, I shared some ideas on what kinds of materials to use to fill a pin cushion. Today, I am sharing a cute little free sunflower pin cushion pattern! This is a great beginner project, for young and old alike! If you are looking for a project for the kids this summer, you can use this to teach them simple machine sewing and hand sewing. It goes together quickly, too!

To make the pin cushion, you will need:

  • ~4 pieces of coordinating cotton fabrics- each 3 1/2” square for pincushion front
  • ~1- 6 1/2“ square of cotton fabric for back of pincushion
  • ~Wool scraps for sunflower applique- Gold, light brown, green
  • ~Button- 3/4”
  • ~Wool thread or perle cotton #12- gold, rust and green
  • ~Trim (such as small pompom fringe or rick rack- 4 pieces each 6 1/2” long
  • ~Stuffing of choice for pincushion, such as polyester fiberfil or crushed walnut shells
  • ~Freezer paper, sewing thread to match wool

All seam allowances are 1/4″

Sew 2 of the 3 1/2” squares together and press the seams to one side. Sew the other 2 squares together and press the seams to one side. Sew the pairs together and press the seam to one side.PinCushionA

Trace sunflower and leaf patterns onto paper side of freezer paper. Cut out, leaving about 1/8” around each shape. Use an iron to fuse the waxy side of the paper to the wool scraps. Cut out on the traced line. Peel away the freezer paper.

Pin the wool pieces to the pieced pincushion front. Stitch the edges down with matching sewing thread by using tiny whipstitches. Use the wool or perle cotton to add details. Stitch on button, tying the thread on the top.


Pin the trim to the pincushion front, along all 4 edges, leaving at least 1/2” between the outer edge of the trim and the raw edge of the fabric (remember you will need 1/4” seam allowance around the edges.) Sew trim to fabric. Sew the pincushion front and back together, right sides together, leaving a 3” opening on one side. Turn right side out and gently push out the corners with the dull end of a wooden skewer or pencil. Stuff firmly. Hand stitch the opening closed.

Sunflower Pincushion- Jacquelynne Steves

When I’m making a pin cushion as a gift, I think these fancy pins make it extra cute!! You can find them here in my online shop.


Get the printable pattern PDF here.