‘Tis the time of year for whipping up super-quick projects, right? I think being surrounded by the beauty of the season puts us in an extra-creative mood- it does for me, anyway. I see so many things that inspire me and I just want to make stuff, you know??

So here are some quick projects you can put together- quick and easy so you can get your creativity fix and still have time to get your shopping and wrapping done. Click on link for instructions:

Quilted Potholder– this tutorial has been downloaded on my Craftsy page OVER 11,000 times!!! Wow! I can’t believe it!



Quilted Place Mats and Napkins– Wouldn’t these be completely adorable in Christmas fabrics??



Fabric Covered Note Books– This is one my personal favorites. You can make these for just about everyone on your list, depending on the fabrics you use. They can be used for note books, journals, prayer journals, etc.



Tea Bag Packet– Makes a great little gift or card enclosure, or include it in a holiday gift basket.

tea bag pack gift


Simple Hand Stamped Napkins:

My daughter Samantha made these simple hand stamped napkins- done with metallic paint, they are perfect for adorning your holiday table. Or make a set for a quick hand-made gift. (Cute hostess gift, right?) Remember making stamps with potatoes? Who would have thought that you could use that technique to make such a modern-looking project?


Here are Samantha’s instructions for this simple project. Hint- the younger kids will love helping with the stamping part. Older kids who can handle a small paring knife can also have fun carving the potato stamps.

small, sharp knife
acrylic craft paint
paper plate

cloth napkins

(You can buy cloth napkins at the discount store, or make them yourself by turning under & sewing the edges of 10″ squares of muslin.)

1. Cut a potato in half and carve your stamp with a paring knife. My suggestion is to start with something really basic and add in more details as you go.  I started out with a big sunbeam-like shape, and then made the rays varying shapes and etched in triangles on the edges.  Keep your mind open to whatever can be made with your shape; don’t just get stuck on one idea and then be disappointed when it doesn’t look how you imagined.

2. When you are happy with the stamp, pour out a little bit of your paint onto a paper plate and brush a light layer onto your stamp.  You will have to reapply between every couple of imprints. The layer of paint on the stamp should be pretty thin, you don’t want it to be “gloppy” around the edges.

3.  Find the middle of your napkin and begin stamping! You can make a grid pattern or even overlap your stamps; they’re your creation!  I did a grid, but turned my stamp different directions with each imprint, since it was an oblong shape.

Let the napkins dry, and you have your personal set of cloth napkins! I love the way mine turned out; I think they look as if they could have come from a department store, especially with the metallic paint.  I can’t wait to try out some matching napkin rings and have everyone over for dinner!


Do you have any quick projects planned? Tell us about your ideas in the comments!