Things are getting back to normal (whatever that means- after all, “normal” is a pretty relative term….) I was very busy last week, getting things ready for my grandmother’s funeral on Thursday. It was bittersweet, going through old photos and music for the service. My oldest daughter and I sang a couple of hymns at the service and my youngest daughter accompanied on the organ. My son-in-law, who is the youth pastor at our church, conducted the service. It’s still hard to believe, though, that I will no longer hear her voice or see her face this side of Heaven.

Friday was my birthday and the girls and I went out to lunch and shopped the whole day, then we met up with my husband and son-in-law for dinner at my favorite water-front restaurant. The weather was lovely; we sat outside for dinner and then walked along the river afterwards. It was a very nice birthday.


Saturday my husband and I drove to a state park- the weather was absolutely perfect for a nice long walk. Unfortunately, we misread the map and ended up having to take off our shoes and wade across the creek to get back! The creek was a little cold, and the bottom was very slippery, but we managed to make it across without getting too soaked. What a little adventure!


And now it is back to work! I have several things I’d like to accomplish this week, but you know you never have as many hours in the day as you would like…. I have been working on some art off and on. I have an autumn collection which I started almost a year ago that I have been working on off and on as time allows.


I thought it was just about done, but then I decided that it needed something, so I am working on a few butterflies. If you received my e-magazine last spring, you may remember that it had a butterfly theme:


(Click here to see the whole issue.)

But the butterflies I am working on this week are decidedly more realistic and the colors complement a fall palette:


I am working on a Fall Issue for the e-mag! I totally missed Summer, so I am starting work early on the Fall Issue. I have a special treat in store for the next edition which I think you will really enjoy- hopefully it will all come together by the beginning of October. (If you aren’t a subscriber yet, you can sign up in the box at the upper right side of this blog. It’s free and packed with projects, recipes, and more.)

Finally, this week I am sitting for my brother’s dog, Milo. Since my own dog died almost 3 years ago, it is nice to hear the click-click-click of 4 little puppy paws on my floors again! He is really a good boy- he just sits at my feet all day, naps and snores, and never barks. I enjoy having him here.



So that’s what’s going on here this week. I hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks again for the kind words and encouragement regarding the passing of my grandmother- I truly appreciate it.