If you live in the Eastern part of the U.S. you know what the big story was this week…. SNOW! A record-breaking blizzard! Our area was forecasted to get 18-24″ over the weekend, but I think we ended up with about 14″. It’s hard to say because there were very heavy winds (the storm was described as a hurricane with snow instead of rain!) so we had a lot of drifting. Some areas of the yard had barely any snow sticking to the ground, and in other areas we have drifts about 4 feet high. Some of those large drifts settled around my car, as you can see in this photo that my husband took at daybreak on Sunday:


We managed to dig out my husband’s van on Sunday, but it got stuck halfway down our very long driveway. A neighbor with a plow came along and helped us get it out, but as of today, my car is still stuck at the top of the driveway. But not to worry! I was totally prepared for this storm.

  • Milk- check
  • Bread- check
  • Eggs- check
  • Batteries for flashlights- check
  • Gasoline for generator- check
  • Fabric- check, check, check!!!

You see, the day before the storm, I had ventured out on a FAT (Fabric Acquisition Trip) with my new friend, Monique! Monique and I “met” on Facebook and discovered that we don’t live all that far from each other, so we decided to meet in the middle for some shopping. When we got to my favorite fabric store, I discovered that everything was 25% off!! So… I went in for a yard of green fabric to complete a project, but I walked out with this:


Here we are, trying not to buy too much:


Monique has just started a blog, and you can find her post about our trip here. I had to laugh- Monique kept saying that I was the most famous person that she knew- and I said that if I were the most famous person that she knew, then I kind of felt sorry for her, LOL!!!

I also found this adorable mug for my husband- but I think I’ll get a lot of use out of it, too! You can see the whiskers of our cat in the upper left- she had to check it out as well.ChihuahuaCup

Alfie did not really enjoy the snow, as you can imagine. Who wants to have to “go” out in a blizzard??


I used my “snowed in” time to work on the March pattern for the Small and Sweet Mini Quilt Club:


Last week, I also made an “alternate” version of the Love You! pattern for the Mini Club. I did a flower applique instead of the heart and changed the colors a little. Club members received the instructions to make this “bonus” project:



(I didn’t applique the fusible design yet, because I wasn’t sure how I’d like it. But I love it! I’ll have to go back and do the applique stitching, but it won’t be hard, since this is only 23″ square.)

I think that I have mentioned my new shopping site a few times…. it’s almost done!! I’m SUPER excited about it! It’s been a few months in the works… my husband has done the majority of the work on it (xoxoxo). I expect that it will be up and running next week… and I’ll have to have a SALE to celebrate… so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open! My subscribers will know about it first- if you don’t want to miss it, make sure you are on my mailing list. Here’s a quick sneak peek!


Have A Cozy Day-Snowman_JacquelynneSteves