Folks, a mere 5 days ago, it was 66 degrees and sunny. Today, I sit writing this from my husband’s office because we are in the midst of an ice storm that took out the power at our house…. lots and lots of outages being reported, so who knows when our power will be restored. We may be camping here at his office tonight!! But Alfie is staying warm and snug, we brought his bed and favorite blanket and he is kind of oblivious to the fact that there is anything unusual going on.

I’ve been working a lot over the last few weeks, but a couple of day trips proved to be quite inspirational!

My oldest daughter starts her new job tomorrow, as she has been helping me in my office in the meantime. One day last week, I said, “Let’s play hooky!” I really felt like I needed to get out, and she was willing! So we headed out to one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie. Soooo much to look at and drool over there!

I have a lot of mugs and dishes from Anthropologie, I’m a bit of a hoarder collector. Although we really can’t. fit. one. more. mug. into the cabinet… I had to have another. If faced with this selection, wouldn’t you???

I ended up choosing this one, red and pink, with birds… how could I resist?

Even the inside is pretty!!!

(Want a mug like mine? Find it here.)

And, look at this really cool store decoration. A whale, made from fabric:

Do you love the barnacles made from yo-yo’s??

The weekend before last was my husband’s birthday, so we went out to dinner to celebrate:

And yesterday we went to the Philadelphia Flower Show- it was so crowded! I think everyone was trying to get there before today’s storm. There were lots of creative displays, so much to look at! I’ll try to post more photos of the show in the coming weeks- a bit of Spring for us all!

And YES, I HAVE been getting some work done in the studio (though it’s been a challenge!!!)

I’ve been working on some embroidery for The Art of Home Club:

And this! I love this!!! Club members, look for this on March 20:

DON’T FORGET about the UFO challenge going on this month!!! You can win a free 2 month membership to The Art of Home club. Details here.

Stay warm!