This week, I shipped out all of the prizes for the Holiday Hullabaloo Blog Hop we had last week….


I have also been filling the orders for my Etsy shop and also replacing stock for the note cards sold at my table at the “gift shop” at my church’s Christmas Village.


I have had so much fun designing the note cards- It’s really fun to see my art on a useful product such as a cute note card which can be used for a thank you note, birthday card, etc. I’ve enjoyed it so much, I am looking forward to working on some new designs as time permits. I was going through my drawer of art the other day and found this Christmas art which I worked on years ago and had totally forgotten about. I’m not sure what to do with it… Maybe you will see it on some fabric or Christmas cards in the future.



I am also in the beginning stages of a new fabric line. Right now I’m doing some sketches and working on the palette. I really need to get going on this though! For awhile I was just playing around with this, but now I have a deadline, which is better for me. I find that I can mess around with something for a long time if I don’t have a hard deadline,  but once I have an actual “goal” in sight I will actually buckle down and get it done.


Right now I’m thinking about a palette which is bright and cheerful… I wonder if I should make it a little deeper so it leans a little more towards “autumn”?? What do you think?

Are you doing something fun or creative this weekend? I will be going Christmas caroling on Saturday, and I hope to find some time to work on my artwork shown above (got a deadline, right??)  I also have to start my Christmas shopping!!! I think I may go out later today and get started. Christmas is less than 2 weeks away- I can’t believe it. This year seems to have flown by. Next Wednesday I will be driving up to pick up youngest daughter from college- then the real fun will begin :)