What glorious weather we are having here! It’s been in the 70’s and low 80’s for several days, and we are expecting more of the same over the next several days. But I’m thinking of and praying for those of you braving Hurricane Harvey down in the Houston area! I can relate- when we first married, my husband and I were living down on St. Croix where my husband worked for an oil refinery. We were there for Hurricane Hugo. It was really scary- our house was spared (though we had quite a bit of damage), but many of our friends lost everything. There were bare slabs of concrete where houses once stood, and palm trees were sheared off in half. The local firehouse served as a shelter that night, and we listened to the wind whip through- and start to pull the roof off while we were inside. To this day, I hate extreme winds, I’ve seen first hand what they can do.

I realized that I forgot to share these shots my husband took in our back yard several weeks ago- 2 little spotted fawns appeared one Sunday morning, and happily munched on the grass. Mama was no where to be seen. So cute and sweet.

It’s starting to feel like fall, and I found a 50% off fall decor sale this past weekend while I was out shopping! I picked up this beauty… I know it’s a little early, but I figured, why put it away and then have to take it out in just a couple of weeks?? So it is happily displayed on our front door (on the interior side). I love how that yellow pops against the dark door!

I managed to get my embroidered block #2 for the I Love Home BOM done. The pattern will go out on September 4! I really need to get to work on block #3 if I want it to be done by the beginning of October! I’ve been really busy getting our giveaway prizes together for the blog hop. You’re going to like it :)

My favorite color palette of late has been red and gray! I was working on this tote bag for The Art of Home Club last spring, and ever since then, whenever I go out shopping, I’m on the hunt for the “perfect” red and the “perfect” gray fabrics! I’ve built up a nice little stash of those! I can’t wait to put my red and gray quilt together. The tote and finished embroidered BOM quilt are going to coordinate nicely, don’t you think?

I’ve found a little time for “doodling” with my brushes and watercolors:

Have you noticed that whenever I show you a photo of a painting or hand stitching “in progress,” I always include a pair of glasses? And they’re always different colors?? Are you thinking, “She must have a hundred pairs of glasses”?? I can’t see a thing without my magnifiers. Problem is, I can never find them! So I have a huge collection. Also- my eyes keep getting worse, so just when I get a nice supply of one strength, it seems that I need to go to a higher magnification, and I start all over with another collection! I keep a little bowl in the family room, and a cup on my desk. They migrate all over the house, and every couple of days I need to walk around and gather them up again. If you are struggling with your sewing and not happy with your work, it may mean that you need glasses (or a stronger prescription.) Sometimes I start to get frustrated, try a stronger magnification, and Voila! I can see again!!! (Luckily, they are inexpensive and I often find them on sale or on clearance!)