In the studio this week, I finished up a couple of samples for a pattern I am putting together, using my Cottage Charm fabric line. These are going to be little 32″ table toppers- a very “do-able” size! I like little projects because they don’t take much time to put together, and you get such a sense of accomplishment from actually finishing something.

So these are guys are ready to go to the long-arm quilter:



I actually had someone piece the quilt center of this for me, and then I just added the borders. Note that I am using a pinwheel variation AGAIN… I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t seem to get away from it! Pinwheels are my favorite!


My boxes of more fabric arrived this week, so soon I will be cutting those up into fat quarter bundles and getting them in my online shop. I’ll let you know when they are ready to go…

Also this week, I had an idea for a project which I think would be really cute; I sat down and sketched a bunch of ideas… Now I just need to find make the time to make it! So many ideas, so little time! (I hope that in heaven there are gigantic studios with lots of fabric, paper, paints, and colored pencils to play with! Oh, that really would be heaven, right? Then maybe I can get all of these ideas out of my head and out of my sketchbook… )


I have been doing more and more on Twitter lately. I used to think that the non-visual nature of Twitter (versus Facebook and Pinterest) wouldn’t be a good fit for me, but I am starting to like it. I “met” this nice artist named Linda, who told me that my video studio tour inspired her to do her own! How sweet! You can catch her blog post and video here.

And again, thanks for your very nice feedback regarding the Spring emagazine. Your comments and emails have been so encouraging!  I got this lovely note from Betty via Facebook:

Jacquelynne, I made the lemon cookies from the recipe in the spring issue. They were absolutely delicious and really pair up nicely with ice tea welcoming in spring with friends outdoors. Finally spring weather! The cookies were a big hit and of course I forwarded on your recipe! And yes, they were very easy to make.

Thanks, Betty!

As you can see, it’s been a really busy week here. And Easter is coming, and we are having it here at our house this year, and I haven’t done a single thing yet! Nothing! So I really need to get “Hoppin'” on that! (Pun intended…)