Today is Memorial Day in the U.S.- a day in which we remember those who have fallen in service to our country. Our very humble gratitude goes to those heroes and their families!

Not much going on here today… the weather is beautiful, so I got a chance to get outside and work in the garden a bit. One of my favorite things about this time of year is that life is just bursting all over the garden, so much green! I love to make little arrangements out of whatever I find growing in the yard- any flower, humble herb or even weed (such as honeysuckle and wild rose) can make it into my arrangements:

Small Flower & Herb Arrangements from the yard- Jacquelynne Steves

Small Flower & Herb Arrangements from the yard - Jacquelynne Steves



I scatter little jars and vases of my clippings all over the house- it makes it so much more alive and cheerful!

I have a project or 2 that I have been working on- it’s Strawberry Season here in the studio! I am working on a project with these really cute machine appliqued strawberries for the next issue of my free emagazine:

Strawberry Applique Quilt- Jacquelynne Steves

While I was working on it, I accidentally cut and sewed together too many strips (ugh- Math!!!!…)

Pink and Yellow

Of course I had to do something with them… so I threw together this little mini-quilt. I think yellow and pink could be my favorite new color combination! What do you think?

Pink Yellow Mini Quilt- Jacquelynne Steves

If you like this, make sure you are subscribed to my emagazine so you will get a copy when it comes out later this summer! Yep- it’s free! And it’s full of fun simple projects, recipes, printables, embroidery patterns…. all kinds of fun stuff! And if you have a friend who would like it, please forward this to them so they can sign up, too! The more the merrier!!