The kids will be out of school soon (if they aren’t already- where I live, they have to go later than usual to make up for all the snow days they missed during our crummy winter.) So I have spent hours upon hours, scouring the interwebs, for ideas to keep your little darlings entertained this summer. (OK, not really. Google “kids activities for summer” and you won’t be disappointed.) But these are some things I found that I thought were fun ideas. Click on the photo to go to the original source and find the details.


Open a lemonade stand. Donate the profits to Alex’s Lemonade Stand to fight pediatric cancer.

DIY Kaleidoscope

explosion chalk art


Make some kid-friendly international foods



Make a sandy handprint keepsake.


Have your own Summer Olympics

Kids Glow in the Dark Jellyfish Craft 1

Nutter Butter Camping Cookies

Outdoor Scrabble

Outdoor Scrabble


Sticky Web Game for kids

Sticky Spider Web Indoor Game



What are your favorite summer activities? I am long past the days of trying to keep my kids entertained every day for 3 solid months- but I remember it and if you’re in that season- I feel your pain! Ha ha. Actually, I miss having my kids around all summer. Enjoy your time- it goes by so quickly.

HaveABeautifulDay-Seashell Art_JacquelynneSteves