Are you looking for some kids’ craft ideas to keep ’em busy this summer? I don’t have little kids at home anymore, but I still enjoy looking around the interwebs for creative ideas. I thought that you might be interested in some of these ideas for your kids, or for when your grandkids come to visit… ¬†to be honest, I want to give a couple of these a try myself!

I remember when I was a kid, how the last day of school was kind of magical… the summer seemed like an eternity of endless possibilities… I spent a lot of time playing outside, making up all kinds of games and stories, really nurturing my creativity. I also had piles of construction paper and boxes of crayons to keep me busy. But all to soon, the summer would end and the magic was over.

I still think summer is a magical time- my favorite time of year. Even though it’s no longer “official” vacation time, it still seems just a little more carefree… a little more time to be creative and try new things.

So here are some great ideas I found. I am going to start with my favorite- Wooden Peg Dolls and cardboard animals and vehicles. Remember the old wooden peg dolls? How much fun would it be to make a bunch of these with your kids! The website also provides free templates for the elephant, helicopter, etc. I think this is so creative and cute, and I really want to make them!

homemade-toys-wooden-peg-dolls-adventure kids craft

On the same site, you will also find this project- a Map of the USA Jigsaw Puzzle. You can make geography fun by making little flags that say things like “Mom was born here,” “Dad was born here,” “We went on vacation here,” “We live here,” etc. Again, the site provides free templates for the map and flags. It’s also a good “recycle” craft because the map is made from a piece of corrugated cardboard.

printable map of the usa jigsaw kids craft

Of course, we all made paper airplanes in school, but how about Paper Helicopters which are especially bright and cheerful, thanks to colorful Washi tape. (You will finds tons of other projects and science experiments on this site.)

paper Helicopter kids craft

And here’s another idea for a cute recycling craft- making Junk Mail Art.¬†Pretty cool, huh? Finally- a use for all of those ads that come in the mail! I feel so guilty just throwing them right into the recycling bin- who knew you could make such cool stuff out of your trash? The website provides a template for the feather, but I’m sure you can come up with all kinds of ideas for this technique. Wall art, note cards, etc.

Junk Mail Art kids craft

Finally, last week, here on my blog, I showed you how to make Fancy Feathered Pencils:

Feather Pencils kids craft

Do any of these ideas look like something you’d like to try? What are you doing to keep the kids busy this summer? Have any great suggestions? Let us know in the comments!