Valentine's Day French Toast Jacquelynne Steves, Linzer French Toast

Valentine’s Day is coming up…

And we will be bombarded with commercials for flowers and jewelry… And while advertisers may try to make us see fancy gifts as required gestures of romantic love and devotion, I have much simpler tastes. I prefer a beautiful card, maybe a nice dinner out (or, more likely, dinner “in”, since restaurants are usually ridiculously crowded on Valentine’s Day), and maybe one other thing….

… Like… if he takes out the garbage and cleans the bathroom, I am in heaven! Woo hoo! Now THAT is romance, my friends!!!!

Personally, I like Valentine’s Day because my favorite colors happen to be red and pink, so that is quite convenient.

Here is a simple way to present your favorite French Toast recipe and say “I love you….”

How to make Linzer French Toast to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

Prepare French Toast. Place a piece of French Toast on a plate and spread with raspberry jam.

Use a heart cookie cutter to cut the center out of another piece of French Toast. Dust with confectioner’s (powdered or icing) sugar. Place on top of raspberry jam covered French Toast.

To decorate the plate, melt some chocolate chips in a plastic bag in the microwave on 50% power. Cut the teeny tiniest corner out of the bag (hint- if you think the hole is too small, it is probably still a little big or just about the right size. The smaller the hole, the prettier your writing will be). Use bag like a pastry bag to write a special message on the plate.

Heart Image Valentine's Day Jacquelynne Steves