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Friends, it’s finally my turn to show you my Splendid Sampler block! I designed this almost a year ago and then had to wait to show it to you, but the day is finally here :) My block is number 76.

My block is called Little Things. You know how I have a thing for tea cups!



I constantly have to tell myself to slow down and relax, to take time to enjoy little things. Whether it be noticing a flower on the side of the path, or a bird singing in the garden, or simply enjoying a leisurely cup of tea while savoring a favorite magazine, it’s noticing and appreciating the little things that make life worthwhile. Yes- it is the accumulation of those beautiful little moments that build a happy life!


I thought it would be fun to make a mug rug with the pattern! Isn’t this the perfect little mat for your cup of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa? And there’s room for a few cookies, too.


To make this, follow the basic block pattern, but cut 24 of the little squares and make 24 of the hourglass blocks- I used 12 different fabrics, 2 squares each. (For a tutorial for trimming hourglass blocks, please click here.) I also pressed all of my seams open, because there are so many seams and I wanted it to lay flatter. To quilt it, I did a free motion “loopy” design for the hourglass blocks, and used my walking foot to stitch in the ditch around the teacup square, and then made a border about 1/4″ from the seam.


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I designed a Splendid Sampler “bonus” block a few months ago, too. Do you remember Summer Flip Floppin’? There was some debate over whether this featured footwear should be called “flip flops” or “thongs”! What do you call them?


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