The other day, I was looking around my studio and thought that people might be interested in how it REALLY looks! Not how it looks when I clean it up for pretty photos, but what it really looks like when I’m working in it. So I grabbed my camera and started recording…. Please note my most excellent camera skills, ha ha. Also, the big orange extension cord because when I picked up the camera to use it, I realized that the battery was dead (doesn’t that figure??) So this is my

Unofficial Studio Tour!

I have done a couple of how-to videos, but I’ve never done a video post for my blog before. It was kind of fun… let me know what you think!

Here are the links mentioned in the video:

The “official” studio tour (aka the pretty photos)

Covered Lamp Shade Tutorial

Butterfly Wall Art Tutorial

Fabric Covered Window Shade Tutorial

Butterfly Shadow Box Tutorial

Also, check out my YouTube Channel, where this video is posted, as well as some how-to videos that I did last year. I hope to add to my video “collection” this year.

My YouTube channel (hand embroidery how-to videos)

Art and Sewing Studio Tour Video Jacquelynne Steves


Please- let me know what you would like to see in future videos! I’d LOVE to hear your ideas!!