I announced the arrival of our new baby, Alfie, in my newsletter last week. He joined our family 2 1/2 weeks ago… and I can hardly remember not having him here. He has fit into our family so perfectly, and he is such a good little boy. We love having him around! We snuggle and play and run and work in my office together…

It took awhile to find Alfie. Our beloved Daisy died almost 4 years ago, and the intensity of the grief that I suffered after her passing honestly took me by surprise. To this day, I still get choked up when I think about her, she was such a loving and gentle companion and we still miss her. Over the years, I had looked at shelters and online adoption sites, but no dog seemed to capture my heart. One night about 3 weeks ago, I don’t know why but I decided to look at an adoption site. One particular puppy caught my eye and I put my application in the next day, which was a Sunday. However, Monday morning I looked at the website and it said that he had been adopted. I was sooo disappointed- I really felt like he was my dog. We met a couple of other puppies, but I just didn’t feel that tug on my heart like I did with the first puppy. Then we got an email saying his adoption had fallen through and he was available again! I was so excited and happy. The lady at the shelter said that all 5 of his siblings had been adopted awhile back, and she didn’t know why he hadn’t gotten adopted yet. But now I know- I really believe that God was saving him just for me. He has worked his way into my heart and I just love him to pieces!! It sounds so funny to gush over a puppy like this, but I truly believe that God knows just what our hearts and lives and souls need. And apparently, I needed Alfie.

Just 2 days after we got him, we left for our beach vacation and he had a lot of fun. Now we are home, he has settled in and has quickly become the center of our family and our attention!

But maybe I should let Alfie tell you about that part:

These are my baby photos. Mom said that it was love at first sight. She really loved my ears! 


Mom took this photo of me in my new yard the night that she brought me home. I don’t know why, but I almost always have one ear up and one ear down. Mom said that she always wanted a dog named George, but George didn’t fit me. The name Alfie seemed just right.


Mom and Dad took me on something called a vacation. I relaxed and took a lot of naps, because sometimes it’s hard being a puppy. I think I like the vacation thing.


Vacation was at a place called “the beach.” It was sandy and there was a lot of water. I’m not sure about the water yet, but I could get used to sleeping on the warm sand.


I even get my own towel on the beach!


My mom works really hard, so I try to help her whenever I can. She says I am a big help in her office.


I have a few favorite toys already. Mom and Dad are spoiling me- I have more toys than I can play with, but I like trying them all….


…but nothing beats a roll of toilet paper for fun!


I have 2 nice beds, but I really like to cozy up in the piles of dirty laundry.

Alfie Snuggle

Of course, I like it best when Mom and Dad let me snuggle in bed with them.


Sometimes I just want to be alone….


And I fall asleep as soon as I get in the car- Just like my Mom!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Alfie. You know, it goes without saying that there will probably be lots and lots more puppy photos! If you’d like to see what Alfie is doing from day to day, join me on Instagram.