Well- there is just SO MUCH going on here!! Did I mention to you that we bought a building for our business??? I put it in a newsletter a while back, but I’ve been so busy that blogging has been pushed to the back burner…. so if you’re not receiving my newsletters you may not know about it.

While packing & moving, I realized that I have waaaayyyyy too much STUFF! So, we’re having a giant sale next week!! I’m calling it the Holiday Hooennany Sale- ’cause it’s gonna be a hoot!! It will run Monday to Friday, November 12-16, 2018.

Every day we’ll have a new deal- fabric, notions, gift items, and patterns. Savings of 25% to 55% off regular prices!!!

BUT- each deal will only be for 24 hours, then we’ll move onto the next one. You can shop all week, and we’ll hold the orders until the end so we can package & ship all of your purchases together and save shipping charges.

I’ll be sending out an email each day with that day’s offer and discount code. Want to get the email so you know what the daily deal is? Just fill in the box below to get on my email list!!

(If you’re already receiving emails from me, then you’re good to go- no need to sign up again! If you think you’re signed up, but haven’t been getting emails from me lately, please check your Spam folder!)


We’ve been busy busy busy getting things ready! Here is Daniela, busily cutting and folding fat quarter bundles:

We’ll have a lot of bundles for sale- but the quantities are not unlimited! Check your email at 9 am EST each morning to get the best selection.

And of course, Alfie has been super busy in the studio as well…. I took down these curtains to put new ones up, and he decided that they’d make a really comfy bed:

He had his teeth cleaned at the vet the other day… poor little guy was so hungry when he came home because he wasn’t able to eat for a total of about 24 hours… we made up for it with Doggie Ice Cream! He felt pretty good after that.

Here is a video from the day when we closed on our new building:

Right now we are mostly using it for office space and shipping… I really need to get my house back!! We’ve done a lot since we shot that video on the first day…. I’ll have to shoot a new updated video for you.

Because I’ve been so busy, I’m not sure I’ll be blogging… if you want to keep up with all of the happenings, please be sure you are on my newsletter list- I send an email about once a week. It’s the best way to stay in touch! (And, again, if you’re not receiving the email, please check SPAM or JUNK- unfortunately, lots of emails go there!!)