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I can hardly believe that we’ve been back from our trip for over a month now. People are still asking me, “How was you trip?”, and for a second I ask myself- What trip?? How quickly we slip back into our normal lives!

While in Paris, we did all of the “tourist-y” stuff- I mean, you have to, right?? It did not disappoint. We loved the city of Paris… how old and beautiful everything is, and all of the attention to detail- from the ornate buildings to the magnificent cathedrals to the desserts & chocolates which are incredible little works of art! And of course, there is the actual art- we had a chance to visit the Louvre Museum, which is huge. We only saw a small part of it, but managed to see the Mona Lisa and Venus De Milo statue, among other very famous works. And of course, you can’t visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower– again, the details are magnificent, and getting to see it up close is incredible. We even took the elevator to the top. (Did you know that the engineer who designed it, Gustav Eiffel, had an apartment at the very top where he stayed with his daughter? I have to admit that being up there made my fear of heights kick in! But my husband loved it.)






We saw the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Elysees- my husband climbed up, but I chose to stay on the ground and do some people watching (much more enjoyable, I think!)





The Avenue des Champs-Elysees is a very fancy-schmancy shopping street full of designer stores, like Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss. The clothing in the windows was beautiful- again, so perfectly designed and constructed, like works of art. (And did you notice that the skirt of this dress is quilted??)










We saw many brides taking advantage of the Paris scenery for their wedding portraits. Wouldn’t you love to have your bridal photo taken in front of the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame??


We saw the outside only of the Moulin Rouge– to be honest, not that impressive. And it’s in a very “interesting” part of town (read: full of shops that are not at all “family” friendly.)


We visited Notre Dame Cathedral. We visited lots of cathedrals and churches in Europe, and in all of them the detail is truly amazing and breathtaking. I think about the craftsmen who might have spent years carving a single door, or making a single stained-glass window. Notre Dame took about 200 years to build. The craftsmen who worked on these buildings knew that they would never see the completed building, and yet they had the dedication to work on them anyway. It would be impossible to put a price tag on a building constructed like that today- imagine the labor costs alone, not to mention the material.


I read a story once about a man who created a beautifully detailed sculpture that would would sit behind a wall of a great church, where no one would see it. When asked why he did it, he replied, “Because God sees it.” Oh that we would have hearts that want to create simply because it makes God happy! That we would do whatever it is we do- raise children, work as nurses or teaches or engineers, sing in the choir- just to please Him….

I have more photos of Paris to share on another day. Be honest- are you getting tired of them?? I don’t want to be like the relative who invites everyone over and then forces them to watch hours of their vacation slides, haha. There was just so much to see… I was planning on posting photos of our chocolate & pastry tour next. What do you think??

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