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I’m so happy to be part of this really FUN event! Today, I am part of the blog hop for Pat Sloan’s newest book, Teach Me to Machine Quilt! There are GIVEAWAYS- so read through to the bottom of this post… I got an advance copy of the book, and I just LOVE it! Here’s a photo of Pat and me at Quilt Market a couple of years ago:

Quilt Market Spring 2015- Pat Sloan and Jacquelynne Steves


Here are some of the projects from the book:

2-mini-charm-star-quilt 3-checkerboard-hearts-quilt 7-winter-bliss-quilt

In this book, Pat truly covers EVERYTHING, from how to set up your machine, what kind of needle and thread to use, how to piece your backing fabric, types of batting, how to baste, straight stitching, curved stitching, decorative stitches, circles & spirals, free motion quilting, quilting appliques…. PHEW! She really includes everything you ever wanted to now about machine quilting!

Learn how to make all of the projects above (and more…), AND learn how to quilt them!


Pat’s book is available everywhere, including Fat Quarter Shop. *

I’ve been on Pat’s Radio Show a few times, but a while back, I got to interview HER! Here is a snippet from that interview:

You do a lot of machine applique- what draws you to that technique?

  • I think applique is the most freeing of design options. No points to match and it’s very easy to create beautiful soft curves. I always wanted to make quilts with flowers and this allows me total freedom.

Do you have any other favorite quilting techniques? Or is there one that you haven’t learned yet that you are really interested in?

  • I love all quilting, some techniques I love a wee bit more than others, wink!  If you hang out with me, you’ll see that I do love a triangle, they make quilts wonderful!

You travel a lot- you must love it! What is your favorite part? Least favorite part?

  • My favorite part of traveling is meeting new people where they live. We drive to most events so I see amazing parts of the country that you never see if you fly to event. I love it all from the smallest of towns with one red light, to massive big cities. My husband and I work together so we travel together and it’s we have a great time. The difficult part of travel is leaving my computer behind! I really miss my big screen and all the stuff I have access to. We do have a way to get internet anywhere,  and I do work on my tablet and my phone, but I kiss my big monitor when I walk in the door!


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The Giveaway:

And now I know you want to hear about the giveaways! For your chance to enter a copy of the book, Aurifil thread, and more, just hop over to Pat’s Blog here.  (You must enter by midnight on December 1, 2016.)

And don’t forget to visit the other bloggers on today’s hop (a full list of all the bloggers appears here):

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Beautiful Day Bird Floral Art- Jacquelynne Steves