Earlier today we released our “Piece of My Heart” collection for The Art of Home Club!  This month we are focusing on small projects! Valentine’s Day is a short “season,” but pillows, small mats and wall hangings are a wonderful way to quickly & easily brighten up your space and celebrate the season. What could be easier than adding a few adorable pillows to chairs, sofas and beds, and then simply putting them away at the end of February??

Members of The Art of Home Club get brand new patterns and projects like these on the 20th of every month.

This pattern contains instructions to make 5 different projects- a square pillow, a rectangular pillow with ruffle, a square candle mat, which could also be used as a wall hanging, a rectangular wall hanging with pieced heart border and a place mat with pieced heart border

These projects are EXCLUSIVE to The Art of Home Club, meaning that you won’t find them in stores or anywhere else on the internet. Only members of The Art of Home Club can get these adorable designs!!

We only open up The Art of Home Club to new members a few times per year- click here to find out more and to get on our “waiting list,” so you’ll be the first to know when we open enrollment again!