This Rustic Twig Vase is one of my favorite projects! I love the rustic and natural look of this vase. It is a great way to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside and you can change out the ribbon and the flowers according to the season. This is practically a no-cost project! I had this vase in the back of the closet, it was one of those cheap vases included in florist’s arrangements. The twigs were found in the backyard. It took me about 90 minutes total to collect and cut the twigs and assemble the vase. Wouldn’t this be so cute on your dining table, buffet or even your mantel?


For this project you will need:

An Inexpensive Vase
Twigs or Small Branches
Glue Gun

Sharpie Marker









Decide how tall you you need your twigs to be. They should be about 1” longer than the height of your vase.
Use the Sharpie marker to mark the twig where it needs to be cut.
Cut twigs to the correct length.
Apply glue to top and bottom edges of vase. Don’t cover the entire edge at once; apply enough glue for just one twig at a time. Glue on twigs.
Tie ribbon to top of vase.

Click here for a printable PDF of this project.