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Ok everyone! It’s here. If you are signed up for the BOM, you should have gotten an email from me this morning with the link to the instructions for the first block. If you did not receive your email yetplease check your spam folder, and if you use Gmail check your “promotions” folder. If you are absolutely sure that you did not receive it, please email me so we can troubleshoot the problem. Please do not leave a comment on this post to tell me that you didn’t receive it- you will get a faster response if you notify me by email. Please be patient- as this is the first block mailing, I expect that there will probably be a few (but hopefully not many) technical glitches. Thanks!

All that being said- if you haven’t signed up yet and would like to, or if you have friends who would still like to sign up, there is still time to sign up!! Sign up in the box in the upper right side bar of this page, and you will receive the pattern for the first block, along with the fabric requirements.

So now that we have that out of the way- a few of you have mentioned that this doesn’t look simple. But it actually is. All of the blocks are built around a “snowball” block, and consist of squares and rectangles. You will find a photo for every step of the block in the instructions. If you have any trouble, please leave a comment and we’ll all try to help! Or if you have a suggestion to share for making the project, please share! The most important thing will be trying to keep your seam allowances consistent- because we’re building onto the snowball block in several steps, the more accurate your seams are, the better your block will come out.

Here is a photo of my first block, done with my Cottage Charm fabric line. This is before I added the applique- if you don’t like to do applique or embroidery, or don’t have time, you could just leave your block like this and do some fabulous quilting in that negative space in the center. (Another option, if you’re not doing applique or embroidery, would be to use a floral fabric in the center instead of the white.)


Here is the same block after it was machine appliqued and then quilted:


I also did an embroidered block with the same colors, but with an old Figtree for Moda line that I had here in my stash- as you can see, it looks totally different but really beautiful! (Also note that the embroidery is very simple! Click here for some YouTube tutorials for getting started with hand embroidery.)


Here is a tip: When I am adding applique or embroidery to a block, whenever possible I cut the background fabric about 1/2″ larger than I need it to be, then add add my applique or embroidery, then I trim the fabric to the correct size. So in the case of this block, the white fabric in the center needs to be 6 1/2″- so I cut the fabric 7″, added my applique/embroidery, and THEN trimmed it to 6 1/2″.  When doing applique or embroidery, your fabric is inevitably going to get distorted just by handling it- this way, I get my square to be the perfect size before I start adding onto it further. This will help you to get more accurate piecing. If for some reason I can’t do the applique or embroidery before I piece my block together, I wait until the block is done and then do my applique/embroidery, so that the embellished fabric is a bit stabilized by the fabric sewn around it. What I never do is cut my fabric which is to appliqued/embroidered to the exact size, then applique/embroider it, and then sew it directly into my project- there’s just too much room for error when you factor in that distortion caused by the applique/embroidery process.

And now for some fun- Don’t forget to visit my featured bloggers to see what fabrics they’ve chosen to make their blocks! It always amazes me how different the same exact quilt pattern will look when done with different fabrics. I think that is what I like the very best about quilting- with so many fabrics available, and the ability to add embellishments like applique or embroidery, the possibilities are positively endless! And I love how every artist (yes, if you’re a quilter then you ARE an artist!) puts their personal “stamp” on what they make and expresses their personality and creativity in their own way.

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On Monday, November 24, Block #2 will be released. Also, be sure to check out the blog post for that day- we will have another giveaway! AND- I can’t wait to see what you all make! There are lots of ways for you to share your creations with us-

  • *I have just set up a Pinterest board for this Block of the Month. If you would like to be able to post your BOM photos on this group board, email me for an invitation and I’ll add you to the group board.
  • *Share your progress on social media- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, etc. Use the hashtag #SewSweetSimplicity so we can find your photos. (The hashtag is very important- we won’t be able to find your photos without it.)

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OK- time to get going and get sewing!!! Have fun making your first block!

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