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Jacquelynne Steves Roses

The other day, I was talking about my realization that

Something’s Gotta Give.

There are so many things that I enjoy doing, and I really  want to do everything. But I know that I can’t. I have come to the point where I know that something’s gotta go in order to make room for some new stuff.

Here is what I know-

*I will keep designing fabric as long as people keep buying it. It’s a fun process that I enjoy.

*I LOVE the process of book writing- I love developing the projects, making the project samples, drawing and painting illustrations for the book. This is something which I really would like to do more of, but I have let other things that I thought were important get in the way.

*I would like more time to spend on my artwork and developing it into other products (like the note card line which I launched on Etsy recently.)

*I also enjoy doing the e-magazine. I haven’t done nearly as many issues as I’d like. I’d like to get back to a quarterly (every 3 months) schedule. But I can’t do that with some of the other things that are on my plate.

*Plus I have lots and lots of ideas for new products, venues, etc. that I would love to explore.

Something else I’m learning is that I need to get much better at DELEGATION. Yep, letting go of some stuff.

*My husband has always helped me quite a bit, but lately he’s been doing quite a bit more, which I so appreciate. It takes such a burden off of my shoulders to know that if I just ask him to do something (why is the asking so hard sometimes??), I can count on him to get it done. (And this is AFTER he does his regular 7 am- 5 pm job.) Thank you, Honey!!

*I’ve contracted a recent art school graduate from my church to help me with some of the graphic work that I no longer have time to do (much as I’d like to.)

*I have someone who will be helping me with some design work, and someone else who has graciously offered to give me some marketing help.


Letting go is hard, but it has to be done if I have any hope of getting the “big things” that I want to accomplish done.

I also would like to get back to having some hobbies and more “down” time, not feeling chained to my computer every free moment of my weekends and evenings (this is extremely difficult when you work from home.)

Now…. Some other things which may have to go…

On the social media front, I really need to maximize my time. There are so many social media types/platforms now. I need to pick which one(s) will give me the most “bang for my buck”, you know??

*I really don’t know what to do with Facebook. After spending countless hours and lots of money on promoted posts and advertising there, I haven’t seen much return on that investment. AND now Facebook will only show fan page posts to about 3% of their followers UNLESS YOU PAY THEM TO SHARE YOUR POSTS. So, this may very well be bye-bye Facebook.
*The big thing is how Twitter is growing really fast, but it’s not very visual, so I don’t know if this is a good option for me (I do have a Twitter account, I just don’t use it very much.)
*Because Pinterest IS a visual platform, I would like to use it more. It’s just a matter of making it fit in my schedule.
*Google+ is also supposed to be growing quickly, but honestly, I don’t know a thing about it.

Which social media platforms do you like best, and why??

The third and final part of this topic will be posted on Friday.