A few weeks ago I shared 27 Sewing Projects You Can Make to Organize Your Sewing Space and Your Life.  Today let’s talk about ways to organize your sewing space. Whether your sewing space is big or small, here are some great ways to keep it organized. Personally, I really like a neat space to create in, it helps me to be more relaxed. AND- I hate it when I’m looking for something in my studio and I can’t find it! That wastes valuable creating time! Finally, when your area is a pleasant, pretty place to be, you’re much more likely to want to spend time there.

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In my video, Messy or Neat?, you’ll find some great ideas for staying organized and keeping your creative “mojo”:


Patchwork Posse offers some great tips and how-to’s for organizing your sewing room. From storage, to folding your fabric, to your sewing room layout,  you’ll find some fantastic ways to keep yourself organized:

The Sewing Loft has some great storage solutions to keep your scrap fabric organized:


Quilty Love offers great storage solutions and inspiration for quilting in a small space:


Katrina Kay Creations will help you organize your fabric stash with these fabulous free printable organization charts:


Freemotion by the River offers some great advice for organizing and rearranging your quilt studio:


The Quilting Company offers 7 quick and easy tips for quilt room organization using objects you’re likely to find around the house:

Sometimes, you need to do some sorting and decide which projects to keep, and which to let go of… See my 2 articles below- How to Sort and Let Go of UFO’s, and also Tips to Get Those UFO’s Done: