We’ve gathered together 50 Valentine’s Day recipes- because nothing says “I love you” more than a gift made with your own hands. Here, you’ll find appetizers, main dishes, desserts and cocktails- You can plan a whole Valentine’s Day meal! Whether romantic or for the whole family, it’s a beautiful, creative thing to do for the ones you love!

And, once you’ve made some sweet treats, share them with your loved ones in my DIY Valentine Treat Bags. What a super sweet way to say “I Love You”!!! (See below.)

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Linzer French Toast for Valentine’s Day


M&M’s Valentine’s Day Cookie Bars


Mini Heart Shaped Pizzas

Love Martini


Valentine’s Day Popcorn


Valentine’s Heart Macaroons


Mozzarella Cheese Filled Hearts


Raspberry and White Chocolate Shortbread Cookies


Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies


Herb Lover’s Oven Fries


Sweetheart Sorbet Champagne Floats


Valentine’s Day Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Easy Parmesan Garlic Knot Hearts


Valentine Candy Dog


Strawberry Rose Champagne Cocktail


Cinnamon Valentine Candy Kisses


Cinnamon Roll Hearts


Pink Strawberry Sangria


Sweetheart Chicken Hand Pies


Marbled Valentine Sugar Cookies


Pink Valentine Waffles


Valentine’s Day Mini Cherry Heart Pies


Cupid Chow


Valentine’s Day Salad


Love You Potpies


Rose Lemon Spritzer


Sparkling Strawberry Champagne Sangria


Strawberry Truffle Kiss Cookies


Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes


Hearty Ravioli


Eggs In A Basket…Valentine Style


Oreo Cheesecake Cookies


Pink Valentine’s Day Fudge


Valentine’s Day Homemade Gumdrops


Chocolate Valentine Kiss Cookies


Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops


Valentine Popcorn Lollipops


Spiced Cranberry Cocktail


Conversation Heart Cheesecake


Heart Shaped S’More Cookies


Valentine Candy Love Bug Treat


Sweetheart Swirl Bark


Cupid Floats(Non-Alcoholic)


Easy Valentine Day Patties