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Tomorrow is the day! Tomorrow we will open up enrollment for The Art of Home Club!

Enrollment for the Club is only open tomorrow, Tuesday January 10 through Saturday 14, 2017 then it closes until this summer!

Don’t miss out!

Want to see what’s new for 2017? I’ve put together this video to see just SOME of the fun stuff we’ll be doing in the Club this year:

Remember back in October, the Everything Patterns ebook was available to purchase? In addition to opening the Club for enrollment, we will once again have the Everything Patterns ebook available- so you will have 3 choices from January 10-14:

  • *You can join the Club
  • *OR you can purchase the Everything Patterns ebook (one time purchase- does NOT include club membership)
  • *OR you can do both!


This e-book will have over 50 embroidery/coloring patterns! This includes some continuing borders that you can use for the edging on a table cloth, on a table runner, the hem of a skirt or some cute curtains…. You will also get some corner designs which are great for napkins, table cloths, and quilt blocks and borders. Plus you will get a number of projects for both fabric and paper that you can use with the embroidery/coloring patterns.

The patterns in the Everything Patterns ebook are different than the patterns in the Club- you can definitely mix and match the embroidery patterns and projects in the ebook and Club. Imagine the possibilities!

Here’s a video about the Everything Patterns ebook:

(To see the embroidery video I refer to in the video above, please click here. The survey that I refer to in the above video is now closed.)

Check back here on my blog tomorrow to get the link to sign up! Better yet, make sure you are on my list, and you will receive an email when the registration opens up so you don’t miss it! (NOTE- filling in this box DOES NOT sign you up for the Club- it just ensures that you will receive informational emails when Club Enrollment opens so you don’t miss it)

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The price of the Club will be $9.95 per month- that’s less than the cost of a single, well-written quilt pattern! You will be billed monthly through PayPal, and you can cancel at any time. Your monthly membership includes:

  • *Getting Started with Hand Embroidery Resource Page– even if you’re a newbie, you can hit the ground running with your hand embroidery projects!
  • *A new project pattern every month. These are usually small, quick projects that you can get done quickly, like table runners, mini quilts, tote bags, pillows, ornaments…. Sometimes, we will also have larger projects which can be completed over several months.
  • *A new collection of adorable embroidery patterns every month.
  • *Helpful tips for mixing and matching your projects and patterns. For example, you could use Month #1 embroidery patterns with the Month #3 project- YOU get to be the designer!
  • *Tips and instructions for making the projects without embroidery, for when you need to make something really quick!
  • *Club Bonus Projects and Patterns that expand your creative possibilities even more! Plus, monthly bonuses like printable coloring pages, gift tags, note cards, etc.
  • *Free Block of the Month Patterns included with membership- no need to sign up for the BOM each year.
  • *Community. Share your projects, tips and questions with other members on our Members Only Message Boards
  • *Exclusive Member discounts and early bird pricing on products in our shop
  • *Club exclusive tutorial videos
  • *”Grandfathered” Pricing. As long as you remain a member in good standing, your price will never go up!


***I think my favorite Club feature is having the annual BOM patterns included on the Club website- no more worrying about being on the BOM list, looking for emails in spam, finding lost emails that have the pattern links…. Just log into the website, and your patterns will be there waiting for you! If you misplace a pattern, you can just download and print it again. Maggie’s First Dance BOM is already on the Club website, and 2017 BOM will be added later this year when we get started!

To see my previous blog posts with more details about ALL the FABULOUS content in the Club, click below:

I can’t wait to catch up with you tomorrow!