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My brand new blog is now 2 months old! It’s weird, because since I’ve been doing a blog for 6 years, this doesn’t really seem new to me. (And isn’t time strange- how a period of time can feel really long, but also very short, both at once?? I don’t understand how that works!) But I really do the love the look and feel of this new blog and website and I hope you do, too. (If you are new here, and you’re just dying to know what the old blog looked like, you can click here.)

I realized the other day that I never did a giveaway or anything to kick off the new site- I have been so busy just trying to get it all set up and create some great new recipes and projects to post here, that I totally forgot all about doing a giveaway. Silly me :)

As you may know, Google Reader, which many people used for following their blogs, recently went away. I actually have never used any kind of blog feed or reader. I would just put anything that I liked in my bookmarks folder, and then when I wanted to read something I would try to find it in the folder. Oftentimes, when I went to a blog, I would find that it hadn’t been updated in weeks or months. And lots of posts that I would have been really interested in just fell through the cracks.

So recently I found Blog Lovin’. It’s not new, just new to me. I had heard a couple of people talking about it, and I saw a few sites that had a convenient button on their side bar to sign up for it, so I decided to give it a try. I really like it! It makes it so easy to follow blogs! For now I just have a few blogs in my reader, but I think this weekend I am going to go through that bookmarks folder and transfer my favorites to Blog Lovin’. (If you were using Google Reader previously, Blog Lovin’ also offers a 0ne-click transfer of your Google Reader list to Blog Lovin’.)

Here’s how it works: You sign up on Blog Lovin’. Then, on the Blog Lovin’ site,  you can search for the blogs that you like, and put them in your reader. What’s even easier is that some blogs will have a button right on their site so all you have to do is click it and then that blog will be entered in your reader, without having to go over to the Blog Lovin’ site. (I have done that here! Check out the Blog Lovin’ button on my right side bar.)

You can follow your blogs right on the Blog Lovin’ site, and/or you can follow by email. You choose how often you would like to be notified by email regarding new posts from your favorite blogs- never, once a day, or every time a blog puts up a new post. I chose once a day, so every morning I receive an email with a short description and thumbnail photo of any new posts from my favorite blogs for the day. Then, I can just click over to the ones I am interested in. See? Super Easy!!

(I hope I have explained this clearly. Blog Lovin’ has not paid me to endorse their product- I just find it really easy to use and I thought that you might too.) 


So now, the fun part- the Giveaway. You will have 5 chances to win.

  1. First, comment on this post and tell me what is your favorite way of keeping track of your favorite blogs- do you use the bookmark folder? Blog Lovin’ or another reader? Or are you just completely disorganized and taking a shot in the dark every time you go online??
  2. For a second chance to win, follow me on Blog Lovin’. There is a convenient button right on my right side bar you can use, or click here. Then comment here to let me know that you have done so.
  3. For the third chance to win, post the direct link to this post ( on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , or pin the photo from the top of this post to Pinterest, then comment on here on this post to let me know that you have done so. (There are also some ever-so-convenient buttons at the bottom of this post to help make the sharing process easier.)
  4. For your fourth chance to win, include the direct link ( and the above photo to your blog post and/or blog side bar, then comment here to let me know that you have done so.
  5. Finally, for your 5th chance to win, subscribe to my FREE e-magazine/newsletter (full of free projects, recipes, and inspiration) in the box at the top of the right side bar of this blog. Comment here to let me know you have done so.

Oh, wait, what’s that? You want to know what the prize is?? The winner, chosen at random, will receive a Summer Fun Prize Pack which includes:

  • A digital copy of my newest book, Child’s Play (see sample pages by clicking here)
  • Some juicy, fruity themed fabric
  • 4 fun & fabulous quilt patterns
  • a double sided charm
  • a lovely assortment of buttons, courtesy of Blumenthal Lansing
  • a packet of Mary Engelbreit summer note cards
  • sheet of fun summer stickers
  • colorful nail file
  • refrigerator magnet


Holy Schmoly, peeps! This is a good one! This Summer Fun Prize Pack has a retail value of $78.00 US! Whoopee!!

You must enter by 11:59 pm EDT on Sunday July 21, 2013. Good luck!

P.S. For those of you who are new here, please click the buttons under “Explore” on the right side bar for lots of free patterns, projects, and recipes!