What a GREAT weekend I had! Last week, I headed up to Syracuse, New York for the Splendid Sampler Meet Up, held at Calico Gals shop. First of all, if you’re ever in the Syracuse area, be sure to visit Calico Gals– great shop, great staff! This was my first solo road trip in I-don’t-know-how-many-years. Five hours each way with just little old me in the car. I rather enjoyed the solitude, and getting to choose all of the radio stations myself!


I got to meet lots of Splenderettes! It was fun seeing your blocks and getting to talk to you! The shop had portable design walls set up so everyone could display and share their blocks.


Diana & her Splendid Sampler Blocks. She is also getting started on the Maggie’s First Dance BOM and showed me what she had done so far.


Kathy & Me



Vicki brought her Maggie’s First Dance BOM blocks to show me!



Bonny & Sally in the Calico Gals booth at the AQS show. They are wearing Quilt Couture! They even had the Calico Gals logo on their bags & socks!



This is Annie- she is all caught up on her blocks, and she has everything neatly organized in a binder! I think she told me this was her first quilt- Bravo!!


This is Annie’s Summer Flip Floppin’ block, which I designed for the Splendid Sampler. She went a step further and embroidered around the edges of the flip flops, words that remind her of summer. Don’t you love it!

The shop was having a sale, so of course I had to pick up some needs & wants (….it was much more want than need.) Yes, those are red polka dot scissors!!! I got the last pair :)



Here are the Splendid Sampler designers who attended. Unfortunately, Pat Sloan couldn’t attend because of a last-minute family emergency, but we brought Flat Pat along!!!! Below: Debby Brown, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Joan Ford, Michele Foster, “Flat Pat,” and me.



Afterwards we went out to dinner. Flat Pat came along with us, too!!



I WISH I had gotten more photos of the blocks that people brought! But I was so busy talking and having fun, that I forgot! I’m sure the other designers will have some posted, so be sure to check out their blogs and Facebook pages, etc.

Beautiful Day FliplFlop Art- Jacquelynne Steves