It was a busy, busy week last week! First, Youngest Daughter and I spent a few days in New York City- It was a really fun trip! I am planning on posting a lot of photos from our trip later this week.

Thursday night was the Senior Parent Reception. They gave out a few awards and there were a few speeches.


( Here I am with my “baby.”)

Then Friday night was the Senior Prom. After very warm weather all week, on Friday night it was only in the 50’s- the girls were all freezing!

Prom 2013 Princess Dress

 I love the dress that my daughter chose- don’t you think it looks like a Princess Dress? And because we were shopping at the last minute, we found it on clearance! (I won’t tell you how much it cost- but it was a real bargain!)

Prom 2013

 (The very last time my husband and I will be in a “Prom photo.” Sniff sniff.)

Prom 2013


Prom 2013 group photo cobalt blue dress

We did a big group shot at the home of one of the boys. Don’t you love how all of the girls’ dresses are color-coordinated with the pool, as if it were planned that way! I know that last year the Pantone Color of the Year was Tangerine Tango, and this year it’s Emerald Green, but Prom Color of the Year seemed to be Cobalt Blue.


Tonight we are going to Baccalaureate, and Thursday night  is Graduation. Yes, my youngest child is graduating from high school, I just can’t believe it. I have been in denial about the whole thing. I am just not thinking about it… if I don’t think about it, that means it’s not happening, right????

We are so very proud of our daughter- she has worked incredibly hard over the last 4 years and she is Valedictorian of her class! Congratulations, Megan! We are so looking forward to hearing her speech at graduation on Thursday night. I will miss her so much next year when she goes to college. Our “nest” will be very quiet without her…. After having kids at home for over 20 years, it will be a very strange feeling. A huge part of my identity will be changing, and I don’t think I’m ready! I am trying to not think about it much, I am trying to just enjoy our last summer before she goes off to college and is a “real” grown-up. Time marches on……

Jacquelynne Steves art purple flower